General Info

Name: Duncan Lory
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Height: 6″
Weight: 185
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty blond
Ethnicity: White
Place of birth: Minnesota

Preferences & Activities

Favorite authors: Rilke, Whitman, Bukowski
Favorite place I’ve been: Ireland
Best vacation: Hawaii with grandfather as a teen
Favorite books: Leaves of Grass (Whitman), Women (Bukowski), Siddhartha (Hesse),  The Holographic Universe (Michael Talbot)
Music: Luciano Pavarotti, Maurice Andre, Nora Jones, Eagles, Alice In Chains, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Beach Boys, Tom Petty
Movies: Limitless, The Matrix, Being There, It’s a wonderful Life
Competitive sports (school): Wrestling, Tennis
Recreational sports: Skiing, Sailing, Surfing, Lifting, River rafting
Favorite brand: Ralph Lauren

About me

Biggest fantasy? Sex with a girlfriend while a good friend of hers watches us

Biggest turn on? Turning a woman on

Weakness for: See through clothing

Strangest location? Emergency stairwell in college library.

Hottest thing I’ve Seen: A straight girl finger her straight friend to orgasm in a Jacuzzi.

Worst time shot down when making a move: Sandra Bullock was sitting right behind me at a comedy club. She was there to see a friend perform – I think it was Louie Anderson. Anyway, I bought her a tequila shot and she gave it to her body guard who was sitting at the table with her. I was pretty drunk, but probably wouldn’t have mattered. Shot down!

Most interesting way I met a girl: I met one girlfriend while eating lunch at a sushi restaurant. She was my waitress, we hit it off, and she came over when she got off work that day, and we dated for a while.

Worst memory from high school: When I was a sophomore, I was on a school trip to disneyland and music competition. A senior girl started holding my hand and I got an erection. I was wearing tight Levi jeans, no room to grow, and I broke my dick. They had to carry me off the buss, I pretended I had a stomach pain.

Stupid Human Trick: I can mental masturbate to completion, and have demonstrated this twice for people.  (mental masturbation is getting hard and ejaculating without touching, only by thinking)

Sexual Experiences

Most Taboo: When I was 18 I went skinny dipping with my 19 year old cousin. Her idea. Of course there was some alcohol involved, let’s blame it on that. I’m not going lie, it was kind of hot, in a taboo sort of way.

Most Naughty: Owner of a coffee shop where I displayed my art , who was married and almost twice my age, watched me jerk off.

Could never forget? A famous person gave me a blowjob on the beach (at night). I didn’t say she was attractive.

Would like to forget? Having sex with a girlfriend when her mom walked in on us.

Most awkward: Was dating a girl who lived in a loft like apartment – her bed was on a second floor landing but their were no walls. She had a roommate, who was right below watching TV. We had sex and my date made a good amount of noise, especially as she came – she had to know full well her roommate would hear.

Most risky: A girlfriend gave me a hand job in the busiest area of college campus between classes while at least 500 people walked right past us. We planned it, I wore a trench coat… logistics were sort of complicated but we pulled it off.

Most confusing: A girlfriend started crying the first time I had sex with her – just as we were finishing up. She said the sex was good and she was happy, but to this day I don’t understand why she started crying. We dated for over a year and she never cried again after sex.

Most unlikely: My philosophy professor.

And you might want to read this: A disclaimer and advice for everyone who reads this blog so you do not end up on plan B like me.