Bank Loan Officer – Janet – Sexless marriage – generous husband – bohemian horny woman

Janet processed a loan for me three years ago. She is less stiff than you might think the average banker to be – more bohemian perhaps? Anyway, we hit it off pretty well. I’ve talked with her about the resort-like back yard she’s developed,, concerts she’s gone to – we’ve discussed my relationship status.

I stop by her office and say hello when I happen to go in to my bank.

She helped me roll over a loan recently. She knows I do stuff on the web, or used to, because I used to have a business account with the bank for an online forum/community site I ran. She asked me if I was working on any new sites. I told her I wasn’t doing much – I took a risk and divulged I started this crazy blog. I told her, “don’t even ask the name of it, you might cancel my loan.” She insisted, joked, “Now I’m curious.. you have to tell me, or I might have to cancel your loan.” I told her, “You’re sex Interview.” Of course Janet was curious what the blog was about, (not that the name doesn’t say it all) and I described it. At that point, wasn’t much of a step farther – asking her if she’d like to do an interview. She agreed right away, enthusiastically. Today she came over after work.

Janet is 48 and married. She has long, straight, shiny black hair, 5′ 8″. She’s wearing a white pant suit, nice shoes, looking very banker like.

Duncan: Hi Janet, thank for doing this.

Janet: My pleasure, thank you for inviting me.

Duncan: So you are married?

Janet: I am.

Duncan: How is the sex life?

Janet: It isn’t.

Duncan At all?

Janet: Not at all

Duncan: That sucks.

Janet: Sure does!

Duncan: How long not at all?

Janet: A few years. Before that not so active either.

Duncan: Do you still have desires? Or, have they faded.

Janet: I have desires, absolutely.

Duncan: Nice.

Janet: Plenty desire.

Duncan: How did you meet your husband? What went wrong with sex?

Janet: He worked at the bank, long time ago when I started there. He works for another bank now. He’s twelve years older than me. Didn’t seem to matter too much when I met him, but has been more of an issue the older we’ve become.

Duncan: So He’s 60?

Janet: Yup, just turned 60 last week actually. Threw a big party for him.

Duncan: And you didn’t jump his bones or anything for his birthday.

Janet: I would have if he had wanted. He was in bed by midnight – before that last of my friends had even left.

Duncan: Does your husband know you are here? Doing this interview?

Janet: I’m not here, I’m having dinner with my girlfriend Tracy.

Duncan: What restaurant are you at? What are you ordering?

Janet: Sullivan’s and I just ordered a Cosmo. I think I’ll order the lobster bisque and a salad. Actually, this wine is going down nicely, as you can tell. Thank you.

Duncan: Can I pour you another glass?

Janet: Sure, thanks. How many glasses of wine is equivalent to a couple Cosmos? Three or four at least, right?

Duncan: Probably.

Janet: I do need to drive home, so can’t drink too many.

Duncan: Nice car, you like it?

Janet: Thanks, love it.

Duncan: The bank treating you well I guess?

Janet: Yes, not that well. My husband helped with the car. We might not have sex but the car is almost orgasmic to drive, so..

Car similar to Janet‘s

Duncan: I like your outfit too – it is so banker looking. Do they have a banking clothing store where you people go for these outfits?

Janet: I wish, would make it easier to shop. I came straight from work, otherwise I would have worn something else, less “banker” like.

Duncan: You look good, just formal, like you have a good job at a bank.

Janet: But I am wearing some less conservative underwear for the occasion.

Duncan: You are? So, you expected to show them off? Awesome.

Janet: What? No, I just.. n/m

Duncan: So, you wore sexy underwear for the interview but planned on them not being seen? Busted. LOL

Janet: LOL, I am not busted, shut up.

Duncan: You are, but that’s okay. Well, do you want to describe them, unless you wish to show? Maybe we can find a pic of panties similar online, we’ll post that?

Janet: Sure. Actually, I can probably just show you exact pair on Victoria Secret site.

Embroidered Thong Panty
Embroidered Thong Panty

Duncan: That is what you are wearing?

Janet: Yes, that is them.

Duncan: So you don’t usually wear sexy panties to work?

Janet: I only have a few thong ones. These are newest.

Duncan: Nice. The front looks kind of see through too!

Janet: Yes, they are.

Duncan: Can your bush be seen through them?

Janet: A bit I suppose. My ass can be, LOL.

Duncan: Awesome.

Janet: Thought you might like. Full disclosure, I read a few of your interviews, wore these in case you asked.

Duncan: Well you mentioned them first, so of course I asked.

Janet: True, I did. Guess I wanted you to ask?

Duncan: LOL, fair enough. But you don’t want to show me?

Janet: Alright, pour me another 1/2 glass of wine, I’ll show you, no pics.

Duncan: Cool, deal!.

(Janet stands up, and unzips her pants. She pulls them down, just above her knees? Twists around to show me the back, turns back facing me and pulls her pants back up.)

Duncan: Awesome, they look sexier in person and on you than in the model pics.

Janet: Thanks.

Duncan: That wasn’t so bad was it?

Janet: No, was kind of a thrill. The wine probably helps.

Duncan: A thrill even? Nice, thrilling for me too. For the half second you had your pants down, glad I didn’t blink.

Janet: Oh come one, you got to see.

Duncan: That’s a matter of opinion. I wanted to look for an hour or two.

Janet: I’m sure. You should have asked if you wanted longer. Wouldn’t have been hours.

Duncan: I want longer, minutes?

Janet: I meant while I was showing you.

Duncan: Well I didn’t know I could ask then, so asking now.

Janet: What do you want exactly?

Duncan: To see for a minute or two? Or, for you just to keep your pants off for interview would be fine?

Janet: My pants off for interview? And what if I do?

Duncan: I’ll love it. Love you.

Janet: You’d better!

(Janet reaches down and slips each shoe off. She unzips her pants again, like she’s trying to do it slowly. She takes them off and then sits back down)

Janet: There you go. Here we are.

Duncan: Awesome. So this is thrilling for you?

Janet: Kind of. Surprisingly.

Duncan: Good. Tell me about your sexual fantasies. What are they like? What do you like? Can you tell me a few?

Janet: I like domination fantasy, being controlled. Punished. Ordered around, forced even. Other things too, but that interests me.

Duncan: So when you masturbate, you fantasize about getting ordered around and forced to do stuff?

Janet: Sometimes. Nothing too crazy, mild stuff, non-violent. Tied up, instructed to do things, stuff like that.

Duncan: What’s the naughtiest things you’ve fantasized about?

Janet: Instructed to give oral, on more than one guy. Seduced by someone until I’m saying no but my body is saying yes. Lately been thinking about my boss. He’s a total asshole but attractive.

Duncan: How is he attractive? What have you fantasized about him?

Janet: He’s big, like 6″ 4′, muscular, younger. I’ve though about him making me do stuff. Making me give him oral. Touching me, making me want him even though I hate him.

Duncan: Interesting. You hate him?

Janet: Can’t stand him.

Duncan: But you want to fuck him.

Janet: I guess that is true, part of me. Other part want to kill him.

Duncan: Fascinating dichotomy.

Janet: Yes, I hate it! Hate that I have any desires for him.

Duncan: Have you ever thought about him having intercourse with you, while you were alone masturbating?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: Who else at work have you imagined sexual contact with?

Janet: One of our bank tellers. He’s really sweet, unlike my boss. Maybe too sweet, but attractive.

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