Whose Feeling Me – The Game We Invented In College – Want To Play?

Whose Feeling me

Maybe there was an abundance of weed and hormones that week — a couple friends and I created a game to propose to the three or four girls from the girls floor of the dorm. We had formed a group of friends — there were six of us plus a few other freshmen in the dorm who would join us sometimes. We would hang out a few nights a week at least. Often someone would get hold of some weed, booze or both for our gatherings in one of our dorm rooms, usually.

The game was simple but not terribly sophisticated — yes we were all in the “smart” dorm but it wasn’t Harvard or Stanford — you could say the game was more hormonal than intellectual.

The hard part is finding people to participate. You need at least two guys and two girls, but it is best to have at least three of each  — it gets more interesting the more players you have, up to a point. You want everyone to know each other and would probably not want more than ten or twelve players. We always played with six to eight of us. You want to have an even number of girls and guys, or as even as possible if players are heterosexual.  The composition can be adjusted for different sexual orientations.

How to play

To play, you’ll need a shoe box or jar – something to randomly draw from. Every player’s name is written on a card or square of paper and placed in the jar. You will also need dice.

When ready to start, one of the players will choose a name from the box of names. Whoever is chosen puts a blind fold on (best if you have a slip on eye cover or something that covers your eyes and is quick and easy to take on and off).

The blind folded player who’s name was selected will lay down on a bed or a designated area on the floor. Another name is randomly selected from the box of names, until someone of the opposite sex is drawn. The person selected rolls the dice — 1 or 2 equals boobs/chest, 3 or 4 equals ass, and 4 or 5 equals crotch.

The  player who rolled the dice must touch the blind folded player’s body on the part of their body determined by the roll. After ten seconds the blind folded person has to guess who is touching them, if they guess wrong, the touching continues for another ten seconds before they can guess again. Ten seconds of touching continues for each wrong guess until the blind folded player guesses who is touching them.

Once the player guesses correctly, they take their blind fold off and become the person who draws next from the box of names, to select the players for the next round.

Expert Versions

We later changed the rules so that if the blind folded player didn’t guess who was touching them in the first two tries, they had to go another round and another name would be drawn to roll the dice and touch them.

By the second time the game was played, and with the help of a bottle or two of tequila, we had collaboratively expanded upon the rules. We started playing with two dice, which expanded the options to include both outside and under clothing possibilities.


Have you ever taken a game and made up your own game — perhaps you were missing the game board or some parts — or you didn’t have the game around so you just used lemon drop for hotels or pretzels for poker chips? It wasn’t much like this, but the three  girls and I did improvise the hell out of our “Who’s Feeling Me” game one night.

I ran into them in the lobby when I returned from a party one night. They were drunk too, and one of us suggested we play some WFM in the sauna. (yes the dorm had a sauna – it didn’t work and students just used it to make out in and stuff)

We didn’t have our box of  names or dice as usual, and I was the only guy player, but we went in the sauna and pretended to play anyway. Basically they had me close my eyes and try to guess who was touching me.

This kept up until their touching got me hard. Then we continued the guessing with my dick out of my pants. It ended with one girl jacking me off with all  three watching.

Why Oh Why – Seven Questions About Love and Loss

Jacking off for her

1. Why do the ones we desire the most — always have the most desire for someone else?

2. Why are those who need the most improvement — always the ones who are the most critical?

3. Why are we generous and gracious with strangers — but often selfish, and rude to our loved ones?

4. Why does that one-time, crazy night, when they get super naughty, lose all inhibitions, and do stuff they would never do — always happen before they meet you?

5. Why do we want the ones who we most cannot have – more than the ones who most want to have us?

6. Why is getting a kiss so much closer to fucking, than a kiss is, to getting nothing?

Corrupting Mrs Jones wrote some great answers to these questions: Here is a link: https://corruptingmrsjones.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/on-love-and-loss-part-2/

Eight Ways That Sex is Like Painting

  1. Requires some strokes for anything to happen

  2. You’ll get best results if you prime the canvas

  3. All size brushes can be effective

  4. You can do it sitting or standing

  5. If you can do it well – you can see a lot of people naked

  6. Your brush will get crusty if you don’t wash it right away

  7. It’s nice to do with some music on

  8. Drinking can make it more fun – but harder to finish