FIRSTS – My Answers

Here are my answers for my sex interview: Click here for these questions (without my answers) to copy and answer on your own blog: Your Sex Questions Set 1: FIRSTS

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Question 1: Describe the first time you experienced an orgasm with another person? (could be any kind of contact not necessarily intercourse)

I was slow getting started – My first didn’t happen until right after I turned 16 – It happened at a summer camp. I sneaked out of my cabin-tent in the middle of the night to rendezvous with a girl. I had scouted out the perfect meeting place –  a grassy area behind the shower facilities on the edge of camp. Neither of us had any experience. We laid on the grass and kissed and we dry humped. I had an orgasm.

Question 2: Describe the time you first saw someone’s private parts? (in a romantic/sexual context)

The first time I saw a breast and a nipple was in my car with a girl who talked me into ditching class with her. I ended up  getting in huge trouble – her mom covered for her  and my parents basically told the school to torture and execute me. We drove to a nearby park, it was empty and we made out in my car. I felt her breast and she let me unbutton her shirt and I not very gracefully managed to pull her bra down and get her nipple out. I fell in love instantly. She was very skinny with large breasts and her nipples, or areola rather, were huge. I think it is because of that first breast I saw and sucked, that I have since been attracted to pronounced areola.

First vagina I saw was her too, but she wasn’t so free with that – I tried for months.  I felt it but I did not see her vagina until the first time we had sex — it would have been my first time but we couldn’t get it to work. No, we didn’t try lube – we had no clue what we were doing. We gave up after a while and went to Burger King,  discouraged.

Question 3: What would you watch first if you were given a magic video library that included videos of every sexual encounter of every living adult on earth? (who, what, where, when, who with, etc.)

I would watch the Jennifer Lopez video titled “Jennifer’s nastiest.”

Question 4: First sexual word/phrase that enters your mind in response to the following prompts:

    • Big: clits usually mean easier orgasms which means higher sex drive.
    • Hot: A girl begging for  it.
    • Tempting: A married, friend since grade school going through mid-life crisis who wants to fuck me. She sent me boob pics. Have been rejecting her requests to meet up for a drink for a year.
    • People might think I’m a perv if they knew: I like when women watch me cum
    • I wish I could: see a topless pic of every woman who reads this.

Question 5: What is the first thing you would say if your significant other sat you down and asked if one of their friends could join you both for a three way?

Which friend? Was it her idea or yours? How fast can she get here?



Grand Opening – Time For Your Sex Interview – Here is How it Works

Great News

I have kicked the tires and test drove for almost a year — connected with some fascinating bloggers and have received a lot of great comments and feedback — now the time has come to introduce the vision.

You may have wondered about the name of this blog; why is it called “your”‘ sex interview? Wonder no more, the idea was to interview you and your fellow bloggers – today is the beginning of our journey – your sex interview.

How it works:

  1. Fascinating and challenging questions will be posted – 5 or 10 at a time.
  2. You’ll copy the questions and post them along with your answers on your own blog
  3. Then post a link in the comment section of the YourSexInteriew post you copied the questions from
  4. People can easily find and view you answers and everyone else’s.

Extra Lube

  1. If your post/answers are particularly awesome, a link to your post will be included in the featured interviews / answers list on the Your Question Sets page.
  2. Each set of questions will have a theme or concept
  3. Live interviews will continue to be featured on the blog as they occur

So That’s The Skinny

Come along, don’t be shy – get your sex interview rolling. I will be paying close attention to your feedback and posts, and we will  fine tune things as we go. Please contact or comment with any questions, suggestions, problems or feedback you have.

Shall we cut this ribbon & Get the Party Started?

Here is a link to your first set of questions:

Your Sex Questions Set 1: FIRSTS

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Thank you & have fun


My answers – Next Level Really Super Harder Sex Questions

Next Level – My answers

Here is a link to these questions (without my answers) to copy and answer on your own blog: Your Sex Questions Set 10: Next Level

Have you not begun your own sex interview yet? Let’s get you started – Here is info and instructions.

Next Level

1. Can sex be great if it’s just physical, with no relationship (the other person is extremely attractive but random)?

For me, not really. There are different types of relationships and connections – it doesn’t have to be the significant other type, but there has to be a connection. That’s what frames everything, even the physical stuff. Otherwise you’re having sex with a sex doll. Now the reverse is more interesting. With a sexy enough connection, or naughty enough situation, I have found sexual interaction very hot with some that I wouldn’t have normally been attracted to.

2. Have you ever had an extra strong orgasm and lost control (way more than usually if you lose control often)? How were you different during such an orgasm?

My responses to orgasms are not as interesting or varied as those I’ve seen from women.

But once I remember I had to share a room with a girlfriend and her friend for a night. We were going to Florida for a wedding (one of my girlfriends friends was getting married), and for some reason it was significantly less expensive to fly half way, late at night, and fly the rest of the way the next morning; so, my girlfriend booked a room for her and I, and another friend of hers who was traveling with us.

The room had two beds – but it was tiny. There was no way that my girlfriend and I could have sex, or even stroke each other – the friend would have heard. So we barely touched – I put my fingers in her but it was very hard to move them around, or do anything without making a sound. My girl friend very softly stroked me, not moving her hand, just tiny little stokes with a few fingers. It seemed like she did this for a very long time, but it got me hard and inched me toward an orgasm – very, very, very slowly. I was on the edge for minutes, and she kept up with her little strokes, until finally I came like monster. I couldn’t make any noise, but I buckled and clinched. A tiny grunt got out I think.

3. Would you rather have an amazing orgasm yourself or give/watch the person you were having sex with an amazing orgasm (if it had to be one or the other)?

Give them one.

4. Have you ever been inappropriately propositioned by someone (someone who shouldn’t have been propositioning you)? Did you turn them down? Did you tell anybody? (if more that once, answer with the most scandalous or interesting.)

Tough one, I seem to be a magnet for inappropriate propositions.

The most scandalous involves a girlfriend’s mom, but that would need its own post – I can’t short-answer that one.

The next most inappropriate… damn that’s like a five way tie. I’ll mention two, that’s the best I can narrow it down.

1. A coworker asked me to fuck her after a Christmas party, two weeks before her wedding, while her husband-to-be was sleeping down the hall in their hotel room. I had hung out with, and befriended both of them, and did nothing to provoke it. Yes I turned her down, and I didn’t tell anybody.

2. A good friend of my ex-girlfriend, who was also married, propositioned me at a New Year’s eave party. We were outside and her husband and my girlfriend were inside. She felt me out and we kissed. She asked me to fuck her (more like told) and I refused. I never told anybody, but she was really cold to me after that.

5. What is something that you like to watch, read or think about when you masturbate, that would embarrass you to say?

I don’t watch any porn that I’m embarrassed about – female solo type stuff mainly. I don’t watch any professional porn, not my thing.

If certain individuals knew that I thought about them – that would be embarrassing.

I think about being watched (watched having sex, or watched masturbating or something) that’s pretty embarrassing to admit.

6. If someone wanted to seduce you, describe how they could best do so?

Invite me over for dinner and wear something cute and slightly see-through, without a bra. Play some Willie nelson, while we have some drinks on your patio. Wear some good perfume, and be genuine. Give me a task so I don’t feel weird while you cook, or at least have a counter I can sit at and watch you. Or, dinner can be simple, don’t even cook if you don’t wish.

Be in sexy mode and not business lady like your giving me an interview mode. Don’t be perfect and act like you don’t need a man, because if you don’t need anything, then you don’t need me, or to seduce me. At least show an indication that you need to get laid, if nothing else.

Sit close while we talk, and either kiss me or get close enough so I can kiss you without lunging. Do your nail scratchy thing on my back. If you want to fast track the seduction, start feeling my crotch, and consider me seduced.


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