Completing the Circle – Personal Story

Well my older sister saw my post-puberty cock the first night any other girl did, and my cousin did when I was 18 and we went skinny dipping (blogged about that) so why shouldn’t my baby sitter fifteen years later see too? I guess the answer is she should, or she did. It was a one nighter, or probably fifty nights if you count the babysitting. I know it might be overly psychoanalytical, and may be total bullshit, but I would guess it was so hot (maybe for us both) because of closure of some loop started when I was six or seven. She was in college then – around twelve years older.

Is it just me or is it bizarre? A woman who has seen you naked before puberty and has also seen you as a man hard as a rock? This can’t be all that common right? or, is this boring you?

Because it seems strange to me — as strange as the douche walking into the copy store I was working at that same summer; he attacked me in an ambush that another older boy in the neighborhood planned, to pull my pants down and play with my penis..  The other guy said to him, “see, I told you.” That’s all I remember about what was said. I didn’t understand it but I knew it was wrong.

The dude, now a grown man, reminded me who he was at the counter of the copy store.  Obviously the other boy had seen my penis, swimming, or who knows when, and wanted this guy to see; something was weird about how it looked or the size size of it perhaps, that compelled them both to hold me down and pull my pants off as I fought. This guy at my counter was the one who fondled while the instigator held me down, but that day so many years later he was friendly and unashamed, and made sure I remembered who he was – wouldn’t have recognized him. They were kids too at the time, five to seven years older, and I was not traumatized; but they were once I broke free and went and told my mother. You’d know it was not worth a dick fondle if you’d ever seen my mother after anyone fucks with her children. My dad was scary when he got angry, but you’d plead for his wrath in place what my mother would do to you in defense of us.

Anyway, the babysitter was older — don’t remember but she saw me naked of course, getting my pajamas on, giving us baths, or what not and so forth – she was old and never fondled as I recall. She was our best babysitter ever — always positive and fun, unlike some other grumps that would watch us. Lynn lived a few doors down from our first home, and many years later I ran into her at a neighborhood bar just a few miles from where we lived. She was still living in the same house with her mother.

I’d have never gone to the bar where I ran into her; accept, I was dog/house sitting for some friends and the bar was the only thing to do w/in walking (drinking) distance. The bar was super neighborhoody – dart boards, one pool table, two or three food options, friendly bartenders and patrons – everyone born within a ten mile radius. Salt of the earth people who kept close to home. Christian and family type of environment – no bikers, rockers, junkies, high rollers, just country music, Christians, drop outs, blue collar people – sprinkling of alcoholics. I admire it – having one neighborhood for life, uninterrupted connections, continuity of environment and friendships — I’ve lost or maimed many connections for ambition and fears. I’ve cut so many ties going away to achieve or running away to start anew.

The baby sitter was as nice and kind-hearted as I remembered. I didn’t remember her big awesome boobs or great ass.  After I ran into her I drank and hung out with her and the neighborhood friends the rest of the night until the bar closed. Sometime by the end of the night, during all the drinking, dart playing, and noticing things, we had worked out a plan; after the bar closed we both walked to the house I was watching.

And God Bless the wholeness of life, the circle was soon completed after we got back to  that house, when Lynn saw my cock again in a brand new light. She said she didn’t remember seeing me naked  (my penis)  as a young boy, (yes of course I asked get off me) and I didn’t believe her at all.

The sex was nice. It was very sincere and real. It was like hometown neighborhood sex, humble and non ambitious, real because people know you too well to fake them out anyway, and some stuff happens that you suspect is going on, hear some rumors, but never totally sure.

I wanted her to stay the night but she had to be home. Regardless of how late it already was, her mother would be nervous or freak out  (yes she was in her 30s) so I walked her home – we passed my childhood home along the way, and I pulled her onto the property, under my childhood climbing tree. It was still surrounded by bushes with the privacy that I enjoyed so much in my early years, and reality got super weird – sexy deja vu for a moment.

We got affectionate – 2am while trespassing on the property where Lynn babysat me way back when. I leaned against the tree, the first tree I can remember – the one I loved to to climb and hide up, while I held my former babysitter’s legs up, wrapped around me, and I was on my feet fucking. I got so sore and tired I could hardly hold her up and guide her down on me anymore – she was taking so long – i was focusing so hard on not quitting, that I never came. But we fucked until she came, and she let a noise slip so loud that we ran away and saw a light go on before hiding at her place, in her driveway out of view.

Such a great night. I feel embarrassed to say we never ran into each other or talked again. It was just meant to be that night – we knew it. I still think about her once in a while when I masturbate. You could imagine perhaps, beloved babysitter, authority figure – and then that night seeing her shy about me, less wordly in a sense, hearing and feeling her come, cumming in her – those are good memories that will remain useful as long as I live.


Kinks & Fetishes – My Answers

Kinks & Fetishes — My Answers

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Kinks & Fetishes

Question 1: Have you tried BDSM? How hard core did you get with it? Thoughts?

I have not tried BDSM. I do not know a whole lot about it. I know I do not like to combine sex with pain or violence. I do like to be dominant and I hate to be submissive, so I would actually probably love to have a Sub — without the pain, whips, leather masks or BDSM paraphernalia. Perhaps that stuff is not common practice?

Anyway, sign me up for a Sub – I’m all in for some of that.

You’d have to kill me to put cuffs on me, I do not submit, sorry.

Question 2: Have you tried a poly relationship or swinging? Would you like to? Thoughts?

I have never tried these either. I don’t think I would be interested in living the lifestyle but I find it fascinating to read about and hear about.

Question 3: Have you been to an adult, clothing optional resort like Hedonism II? Would you like to? Would you go if your spouse wanted to?

I’d try it out with a girl who is a friend or maybe alone. I am not sure I would want to go with a wife or girlfriend as I am not into swinging.

Question 4: Have you tried public or group nudity? (Nudist Colony? Nude bike ride? Nude beach? Skinny dipping with friends? Nude resorts? Other?) Would you you like to participate in any such activity?

Nudist colony yes, read about my experience here: My Day at a Nudist Colony – Here are the Details

Skinny dipping with strangers and with group of friends – in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Nude Jacuzzi with friend and people many times.

Would like to check out a nude beach sometime.

Question 5: Is there any other kink or fetish you have participated in? Or, any you wish to try or desire? Tell us about it?

I have been, and enjoy being, watched masturbating if that counts?

One girlfriend liked to give me oral while she peed (on toilet)?

Like I said, would be interesting to try having a Sub?

Wish to be watched having sexy maybe?

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Your Sex Questions Set 10: Next Level

Your Sex Questions Set 10: Next Level

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Next Level

Question 1: Can sex be great if it’s just physical, with no relationship (the other person is extremely attractive but random)?

Question 2: Have you ever had an extra strong orgasm and lost control (way more than usually if you lose control often)? How were you different during such an orgasm?

Question 3:Would you rather have an amazing orgasm yourself or give/watch the person you were having sex with an amazing orgasm (if it had to be one or the other)?

Question 4: Have you ever been inappropriately propositioned by someone (someone who shouldn’t have been propositioning you)? Did you turn them down? Did you tell anybody? (if more that once, answer with the most scandalous or interesting.)

Question 5: What is something that you like to watch, read or think about when you masturbate, that would embarrass you to say?

Question 6: If someone wanted to seduce you, describe how they could best do so?


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