Morning Glory

Morning and you. And I. What a strange year. Strange day and minute right now. Suddenly all this virus stuff happened and I have hardly had to work for months.  A few challenging weeks, but I get my work done at home as fast as at the office, minus any time wasted on bullshit to fill in the gaps.

Doing all this writing – very sexual, which might be foolish and I worry about it.

This time in my life is so different than any other – I know there’s some great meaning to be found – I know it will leave me changed – change the course of my life. But I can’t find it yet.

I feel like I need to make use of this one never would have thought it could happen time – this is a pause in the game. I have a queen in my hand with a free chance to play her anywhere, and I haven’t a clue.  I’m not sure I care if I win anymore –  I’m not even sure if I’m still playing the game. I’m blogging a lot. I can’t find any higher purpose that motivates.

It is almost my birthday. Bought a new car. Every stimulus is here in the mix and I can’t assemble anything profound.

All l want to do is fuck to be blunt.  Yes, I know how empty and shallow it sounds, that’s the point of this post – my lackluster making of things.

Do Not Worry If She Does Not Have an Orgasm – They are All FAKE Anyway

WAIT!!!! Don’t hate, I wanted your attention.

I mean the opposite – you should practically kill yourself if that’s what it takes to give her one. She may not make a big deal about not having one, but you will miss out on the possible benefits for succeeding.

She will come back for more

Put up with more of your bullshit

Want to have sex more often

Make better noises

Spread the word

Be happier