Do you want to the same stuff?

More philosophy? More interviews? More personal stories?

The privacy gives me more leeway and also makes your comments more private?

Do you have any requests? Questions? Suggestions?

Anything you want to hear about?

Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Only a Dozen at Most Will View Blog Now – What Should Be the New Rules?

    1. You’re wishes are my command. My take a few posts to address such a scope if profound aspects of life.

      What did the want me to learn? Girls or parents? LOL girl’s want you to learn how to make them cum. Unless they want to marry or get serious, then they want us to learn how to make a lot of money and be a good dad, not be a dick I guess.


  1. It would be kinda cool to have this space where the “dirty dozen” share dirty details of themselves. Kind of like virtual Truth or Dare. Having the added privacy could make it so much darker.

    Having said that I am an eternal stickybeak and I love to know all about what makes a person tick.

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