Kinks & Fetishes — My Answers

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Kinks & Fetishes

Question 1: Have you tried BDSM? How hard core did you get with it? Thoughts?

I have not tried BDSM. I do not know a whole lot about it. I know I do not like to combine sex with pain or violence. I do like to be dominant and I hate to be submissive, so I would actually probably love to have a Sub — without the pain, whips, leather masks or BDSM paraphernalia. Perhaps that stuff is not common practice?

Anyway, sign me up for a Sub – I’m all in for some of that.

You’d have to kill me to put cuffs on me, I do not submit, sorry.

Question 2: Have you tried a poly relationship or swinging? Would you like to? Thoughts?

I have never tried these either. I don’t think I would be interested in living the lifestyle but I find it fascinating to read about and hear about.

Question 3: Have you been to an adult, clothing optional resort like Hedonism II? Would you like to? Would you go if your spouse wanted to?

I’d try it out with a girl who is a friend or maybe alone. I am not sure I would want to go with a wife or girlfriend as I am not into swinging.

Question 4: Have you tried public or group nudity? (Nudist Colony? Nude bike ride? Nude beach? Skinny dipping with friends? Nude resorts? Other?) Would you you like to participate in any such activity?

Nudist colony yes, read about my experience here: My Day at a Nudist Colony – Here are the Details

Skinny dipping with strangers and with group of friends – in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Nude Jacuzzi with friend and people many times.

Would like to check out a nude beach sometime.

Question 5: Is there any other kink or fetish you have participated in? Or, any you wish to try or desire? Tell us about it?

I have been, and enjoy being, watched masturbating if that counts?

One girlfriend liked to give me oral while she peed (on toilet)?

Like I said, would be interesting to try having a Sub?

Wish to be watched having sexy maybe?

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3 thoughts on “Kinks & Fetishes – My Answers

  1. Dom-Sub activites are entirely possible without Sado-Masochism! In some ways those can be more enthralling, because the power exchange is completely willful (and not under threat of pain).

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