I had one, not so much a friend, but a perfect fuck buddy for a while. It was as fortuitous as unlikely — by way of pure serendipity everything aligned perfectly – for a year I had the best friends-with-benefits situation you can Imagine: no need to imagine, here is the story.

I think neither of us wanted to get serious with someone we lived right next to. We knew too much about each other – too much about what the other was up too, and there would be no way to do our own thing. I think we both realized from the start that dating for real would be a disaster despite the strong sexual attraction.

It was kind of a shame – was better than most of my relationships in many ways. There was no jealousy – we could tell each other anything and knew more than anyone else about what each other was up to day to day. And of course, without any long term aspirations, there were few to none issues or disputes, so the sex was unencumbered; in other words, it was pretty much awesome.

I was just beginning my thirties and Zoe was in her mid twenties and moved in next door to begin her first real job and her “real life” after six or seven years of college, and a year or so of traveling and job searching.

Zoe was attractive and the dates never ended – my god do most women have so many dates? She definitely was putting in the effort to find a suitable husband — lucky for me,  her standards were so high that a suitor would rarely make it past the first date. Some would not even make it through the whole first date.

I had much lower requirements to meet — did not have to qualify as a good match for marriage — just as a good fuck I guess. And I didn’t want anything serious – I had lived with an ex girlfriend for several  years and was enjoying being single, having my own place, a view of the ocean, only myself to to worry about, a new career, and it jived with the pressure that Zoe didn’t want to feel from a guy. And from the first time we made out she was obsessed with my cock which helped.

I took care of Zoe’s sexual needs for a year while she could not put out and look like a pristine, impossible-to-score-with, virginesque girl, to the slick suitors who kissed her feet and thought she was a goddess. They thought she had morals and hormone-control of steel, while more often than not she would come next door and fuck me as soon as she sent her dates home disappointed.

I was her first anal, her first vaginal-O, her first swallow and through me her first feel of another girl’s pussy.

The rest of this story will  be published if there is interest

Okay, thanks for the feedback – I listen – here is link to more of this story: FWB Second Part

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