Nudist Colony

Chances are you have not been to a nudist colony — I spent a day at one and thought it might be interesting for other textiles to hear the inside scoop on what it is like.

A woman from the colony came by my booth at the Long Beach Art Fair. She was clothed, around thirty five years old, and was very friendly (seemed normal). She gave me a pamphlet about her nudist colony and invited me to visit the colony and do my art during the membership drive they were having the following weekend.

I was curious and liked drawing nudes so I drove about an hour from Los Angeles into the hills to get there the next Saturday.

I found the colony and drove up to a gate and a small guard station. After verifying my name on his list, the guy at the gate radioed a couple other guys. The guys looked to be fifty or sixty years old, were totally nude accept for their shoes, and they opened the gate for me. I drove in and parked over in the area the gatekeeper had directed me.

Some guy drove up in a golf cart while I was getting my easel and art supplies out of the back of my Jeep Cherokee,  I think it may have been one of the gate openers, and he escorted me to the office to sign in. These nudists were very polite, but attentive – I hardly went anywhere that day without a chaperone.

I signed in and told the person working reception who I was and who had invited me, and it seemed like they had been expecting me. She had me wait while she went to find someone, and returned with a nude woman who was a president, or founder – she was someone important in the colony, I can’t remember what. She was to be my host and guide that day.

My host had me leave my art stuff  in the grass near the pool and then gave me a tour. There was a little restaurant, a field, a wreck room like you’d find at a mobile home park (accept this one had a TV playing continuous nudist videos), and a pool area. We returned to where my art supplies were and my host sat down facing me while I got stuff set up.

The woman gave me a little history of the place and probably told me some membership information, I don’t remember — I do remember her telling me to feel free to get nude, and that I didn’t have to if I wasn’t comfortable with it. Yea right, I had not seen a single person wearing clothes – I don’t think there were any – so I took my clothes of, and my host kept talking like she didn’t notice.

The lady who had invited me at the art fair showed up and said hello – she was as naked as I was of course. Finally, after about an hour of awkward orientation my host left me alone to start drawing.

I saw some other quests being shown around – a few couples and some men. It was clear the colony was seriously needing an infusion of new, younger members. Everyone, old timers and guests alike, were nude.

I had a very tasty hamburger for lunch. I wore my trunks – I think bottoms were required in the small food hut.

I must say that everyone was friendly, and just as you hear from nudists, there was nothing sexual going on. It was too non-sexual in fact. Perhaps I was just too new to it all, but it felt weird. I could imagine that perhaps the women were just enjoying being natural, without having any sexual thoughts, but I just couldn’t buy that all the men were so innocent; I am a man, I know – very few of the non-sexual models of us are made – and they couldn’t have all ended up at this one nudist resort.

I worked on a drawing for about an hour after lunch, and them a few families showed up with three or four teenage girls who were nude and getting in and out of the pool. It was too much for me, I felt uncomfortable and I left.

My car wouldn’t start and the nude gate keepers / security brigade pulled up in their golf cart and gave me a jump start, and I drove back home.

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