Your Sex Questions Set 7: Divorce

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This set of questions is for those of you who have been through divorce.


Question 1: Did your divorce come suddenly after something happened or was it a while (or long time) in coming? Did you or your spouse put it off for too long do you think?

Question 2: Was the marriage ever good (or great) before things went bad?

Question 3: Do you think it was a bad choice to ever marry them or were there no signs that anything could  go wrong? (we hear of some who knew they had made a mistake on their wedding day).

Question 4: Did you have sex with your ex before marriage? Sex with anyone else before marriage?

Question 5: How was sex with the ex? Was the sex good? Good and then diminished perhaps? Never great? Was sex important or not so important to you? How important was it to them?

Question 6: Have you had sex with your ex since divorce? Or, have either of you made any attempts to make it happen? Do you ever think about or miss making love with your ex?

Question 7: Have you had sex with anyone other than your ex since divorce? How was it? Better? Worse? Amazing? Grass wasn’t greener? Thoughts?

Question 8: If the sex with your ex had been amazing and your sex life had been satisfying in every way, would you have wanted to give it more time?  Would you never have divorced perhaps? Do you think your ex would feel/answer the same?

Question 9: Was it weird being sexually intimate with someone new after the divorce? If you haven’t been with anyone else yet, do you feel anxiety or hesitation about sex with someone new? Perhaps you’ve lost all interest in sex? Or, maybe you are enjoying masturbation and prefer to just stick with that?

Question 10: When you first got divorced, how exited were you about the opportunity to have sex with someone new? Was it something you were looking forward to, or perhaps even one of the motivating factors for wanting the divorce?



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