Your Sex Questions Set 7: Satisfaction & Regret

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Satisfaction & Regret

Question 1: How happy & satisfied are you with your sex life from 1 to 10? Are you happy with your lover? If single, are you happy being single – how do you stay satisfied sexually or don’t you?

Question 2: Cheating and Affairs

For those who have had affairs or sex with someone else while you’ve been with your significant other: Did your significant other know or ever find out or did you keep it secret?

For those who are single: have you ever been with someone who was married or in a committed relationship? Did their spouse ever find out?

In any case: do you have any regrets?

For those who have remained faithful:  would you cheat on your significant other if you knew that you could get away with it and that there would be no consequences? Or, Is there any situation or set of conditions in which you would cheat (the other person was attractive enough etc.)? If you are single, would you ever hookup or have an affair with someone who was cheating on their significant other?

Question 3: How often do you have sexual thoughts about someone other than your significant other? Do you usually think about people you know? Anyone in particular?

Question 4: Do you ever wish you had chosen someone else but feel like you’re stuck with your significant other now? If you are single, do you ever wish you would have stuck with you ex?



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