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Turn us On

Question 1: Describe something sexy that turned you on like crazy?

Hearing a roommate/landlord having sex through the wall while laying in bed. She had a boyfriend but the guy with her wasn’t the boyfriend. (stay tuned for full  story of the short, scandal-ridden, sinful time I  lived in that condo)

Anyway, first time I heard her – from what I heard I would say the probability that she had an orgasm was 101 percent.

Question 2: If the reader was right in front of you right now, and you had to turn them on to save your life – you have five minutes to do so – what would you do?

Five minutes? Who the fuck wrote these questions, that impossible?

I’d offer her a shot and tell her to forgive what I’m about to  do and say, but I only have 4 minutes to turn you on, or else they’re going too kill me.

I would kiss her for two minutes, and feel her breasts and ass during the second minute. Then I would ask her if a guy has made her cum lately – so hard that she lost control and had contractions that wouldn’t stop for 10 minutes.

I would then ask her what I could do, anything, that would turn her on in two minutes so I wouldn’t have to die.

Question 3: Reverse it – what could the reader do to most turn you on in 5 minutes?

Strip down to their underwear then give me head. (what can I say, us guys are approachable and easy to turn on)

Question 4: Short answer the following about right now:

    • Horny (yes/no):  Yes
    • Wearing: Flannel Pajamas & Polo t-shirt
    • Location (kitchen table, work, couch, kitchen, where): Dining room table.
    • Masturbate today (yes/no): No
    • Sex today (yes/no): No
    • Happy, sad, neutral, lonely or depressed: Happy

Question 5: Tell us a naughty secret that will turn us on, your choice.

Let’s see, I think I found someone, a blogger, who wants to watch me have sex with someone. She lives too far to come over, so she’d have to watch on facetime or something. The person I’d be having sex with has yet to be determined. (lol, small little detail – this bucket list item is not exactly in the bag yet)


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22 thoughts on “Turn us On – my answers

                1. I agree with that notion – and feel it as it pertains to others. It is still hard – maybe it is still residual stuff from Catholic upbringing – but probably more so trying to square my sexuality with my professional and real life. The anonymity protects me but makes me feel guilty as well. I haven’t come to terms with it or figured it all out yet. But it’s a conflict I feel and haven’t come to peace with.

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