Secrets & Lies – My Answers

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Secrets & Lies

Question 1: Has anyone you know ever cheated on their significant other (behind their back) ? If so, tell us about the most scandalous. (were you there or how did you hear about it? How did you feel about it? Their significant other ever find out?  They still together? etc.)

Yes – HUGE YES. I’ve written about this on the blog. Group of us friends went to Mexico and one woman’s husband did not go – he went on golf trip – had been a huge conflict. She met a go in Mexico who was a total stud and had a short but very sexual and passionate affair.

She continue the affair after returning from Mexico and her husband found out.  He gave her one a chance if she didn’t see the guy again. He put a tracker on her car and busted her seeing the guy again – he divorced her. And the stud was seeing other people and blew off the wife shortly after – she ended up with neither.

Question 2: What is your most scintillating sexual secret? Any naughty secret you will take to your grave? If you have no secret that you haven’t told anyone, tell us the naughtiest one that you’ve told the fewest about.

Question 3: What is the naughtiest secret you know about someone else? (friend, acquaintance, or friend of friend etc.)

A lot of them – have you read any of the live interviews? As far as a secret of someone I’ve known well – a friend stayed with an ex girlfriend and I while she was separated from her husband. She had sex (mainly with a much younger guy) almost the whole month or so she was separated. She returned to her marriage and husband never had a clue.

Question 4: Do you keep anything about your sexual history secret from your significant other? (last or future if you are single)  This could be number of partners, past reputation, a naughty act or encounter, crazy night, cheating, etc.)

I’m single but I would keep this blog secret probably, unless I meet my next significant other through the blog LOL.

Question 5: Do you talk about your sex life with any of your friends? What would shock  or surprise them most to know about your sex life?

No, I don’t talk about my sex life with friends – unless we are out drinking and “chasing” girls etc. My long-time friends know me and have witnessed – little would probably shock them at this point.

Question 6: Do you do any flirting or anything naughty online or on your phone that your significant other doesn’t know about?  (last significant other if you are single) – this might be porn watching, online relationship, chat rooms, texting an ex, sharing pics, phone sex, etc.)

All of the above

Question 7: Is there any secret that if you found out a significant other was keeping from you, it would be a deal breaker and you would break  up with them?

Cheating on me, felonies probably.

Question 8: If you just happened to see a friend’s significant other kissing someone else outside a restaurant as you were driving by, what would you do? (tell  friend? Talk to the significant other & get more facts? Keep  mouth shut and stay out of it?)

Would tell my friend for sure, right away.

Question 9: Is total honesty and openness the best policy in a relationship or are there some things that are better left  not shared? (can you name a few?)

A super high degree of honesty and openness is a must, for sure — some thoughts should be kept to ones self;  including, thoughts that would hurt one’s partner or sexual fantasies and stuff. (I doubt she’d want to hear that I fantasized about her friend or sister while masturbating).

Question 10: Have you ever been hurt by a lie or secret (or by a serial liar or narcissist?) If so, what was one or two of their worst lies or secrets.

Yup. My last girlfriend was a certifiable narcissist. Example: right after one of my best friends died she lied and told me she had gone to his place and they fucked behind my back. I literally cried for a week. It turned out to be a complete lie – made up out of thin air.



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