Here are my answers: These questions (without my answers) to copy and answer on your own blog can be found here: Your Sex Questions Set 3: Preferences & Favorites

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Preferences & Favorites

Question 1: Describe the physical characteristics you prefer. No lover is likely to be perfect, but describe your ideal lover’s body:

Body (height / build / skin tone / hair & eye color / other):

Short, curvy, big butt, big boobs, soft skin

Question 2: Favorite position:

Tough one…  Her on top  I guess.

Question 3: Favorite music to make love two? (list up to 3)

Click answers to listen to good song from each

      1. Jon Faddis-Into The Faddisphere – (orgasmic)

      2. Cowboy Junkies
      3. Fairground Attraction
      4. Nora Jones

Question 4: Do you prefer lights on or off  and why?

On, duh – seeing is half of it

Question 5: What is your favorite location to have sex? (bed, chair, couch, floor, shower, car, porch, pool, Jacuzzi, rooftop, etc.) Feel free to list top two if you can’t decide.

      1. Couch
      2. Grass

Question 6: What if you favorite place  on your body to be touched other than your genitals?

Head – fingers through hair.

Question 7: Do you prefer that a lover make a lot of noise or that they are silent? (or describe what sounds you prefer thy make)

Only prefer them to make noise to the extent that is 100% real and natural and not exaggerated, pretended, acted, faked,  or insincere. 

Question 8: What time of day do you  prefer?

Morning sex is probably the best but least frequent.

Question 9: Do you prefer it hard or gentle?  (granted this may change depending on your mood, bot which do you more often prefer?)

Hard is hot – always her call.

Question 10: How often would you prefer to have sex?

Three times a day –  morning, noon and night.


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