Your Sex Questions set 2

Have you not begun your own sex interview yet? Let’s get you started – Here is info and instructions.

Now that you have dipped your toe in the water with Your Sex Questions Set 1: FIRSTS this set of questions will throw you all the way in, hold you under and shock the fear out out of you.

Be sure to check out the comments on this post where you will find links to other bloggers answers.

Trial by Fire

Question 1: What is something you desire sexually that you will not tell your significant other? (if you’re single, what would you not tell your next partner?)

Question 2: What is something a lover often did/does that you didn’t/don’t really like, but you didn’t have the heart to tell them it didn’t do it for you as much as they thought?

Question 3: What is the most embarrassing thing that you have thought about while masturbating lately? (the last month or two)

Question 4: What do you think is the hottest thing about you, or the hottest thing that you do from the perspective of those who have sex with you? (bonus: include the 2 or 3 hottest things)

Question 5: What is something that you would do if it was more acceptable and nobody would mind or judge you for?



  1. Copy the questions above and answer them on your own blog.
  2. Return to this page and submit a comment with a link to your new post.


You can select from all the question sets on the Your Question Sets page which can always be accessed from the blog’s top menu.

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