Great News

I have kicked the tires and test drove for almost a year — connected with some fascinating bloggers and have received a lot of great comments and feedback — now the time has come to introduce the vision.

You may have wondered about the name of this blog; why is it called “your”‘ sex interview? Wonder no more, the idea was to interview you and your fellow bloggers – today is the beginning of our journey – your sex interview.

How it works:

  1. Fascinating and challenging questions will be posted – 5 or 10 at a time.
  2. You’ll copy the questions and post them along with your answers on your own blog
  3. Then post a link in the comment section of the YourSexInteriew post you copied the questions from
  4. People can easily find and view you answers and everyone else’s.

Extra Lube

  1. If your post/answers are particularly awesome, a link to your post will be included in the featured interviews / answers list on the Your Question Sets page.
  2. Each set of questions will have a theme or concept
  3. Live interviews will continue to be featured on the blog as they occur

So That’s The Skinny

Come along, don’t be shy – get your sex interview rolling. I will be paying close attention to your feedback and posts, and we will  fine tune things as we go. Please contact or comment with any questions, suggestions, problems or feedback you have.

Shall we cut this ribbon & Get the Party Started?

Here is a link to your first set of questions:

Your Sex Questions Set 1: FIRSTS

You can select from all the question sets on the Your Question Sets page which can always be accessed from the blog’s top menu.

Thank you & have fun


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