Janet the bank is back, Warning, this interview gets pretty naughty.

Duncan: I asked you if you wanted to come over and do the most naughtiest interview I’ve ever done, and told you that you would have to answer anything I asked & do whatever I asked – and you are here.

Janet: I am. I guess I’m crazy, or bored, so what the hell.

Duncan: Okay. Take your shorts off.

Janet: Okay.

Duncan: Great, you understood the rules. sexy white panties..

Janet: Thanks.

Duncan: This porn you say you read when you masturbate – do you ever read scenes about girls having sex with each other?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: Does the thought of a young college girl giving you oral, while you instruct her turn you on?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: I love how you answer my questions directly and own your answers. How many orgasms have you been having a day lately, if you were to average them. How many do you have each time you masturbate.

Janet: Average would be two or three a day. Sometimes I just have one orgasm or sometimes I will play longer and have 3 or 4.

Duncan: I asked and answered this question on my blog – what is something that you think about while masturbating that you would be embarrassed to tell me.

Janet: Probably you. I have thought about you.

Duncan: That embarrasses you to tell me that?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: What have you thought about doing with me? What am I doing?

Janet: You kissing me, making me do things (like take off my shorts LOL). Making love to me.

Duncan: What else do you think about that would be embarrassing to tell?

Janet: A girl that works at the bank.

Duncan: Do you think about her pleasing you, or you pleasing her?

Janet: Me pleasing her, mostly.

Duncan: You want power and control of her, and your tongue on her clit puts you in control of her. Perhaps she is a younger you, doing what you were doing at that age, and you want the younger you to make a different choice. But she can’t, so if you resent her you should forgive her. You cannot undue the husband you chose, you did what you thought was best. There are no choices to make or worry about behind you, so let it all go.

Janet: wow

Duncan: Tell me what other thoughts you’re most embarrassed about? The more embarrassing, the more significant. What’s most embarrassing?

Janet: Rape. Not violent, just forced. I resist and say no, but it is futile, I cannot stop it and I like it.

Duncan: Who is raping you?

Janet: Different people. My boss, our friend that I kissed in Vegas. you lately.

Duncan: You think about me raping you?

Janet: Forcing me. I like it though, whether it is my boss or you, anyone.

Duncan: That’s an easy one to interpret.

Janet: ?

Duncan: You want something but you want someone else to choose it for you. You even want to beg and plead for the choice not to be made; yet, you enjoy the choice that was made, you always enjoy it. So, why don’t you make the choice, why do you need to pretend you are apposed to it? Who are you trying to convince you don’t want it? Yourself? Your husband?

Janet: Probably is about making a choice to have intimacy outside my marriage. You think?

Duncan: Probably, but that’s not the root meaning, sexual desires are interpretations, never the root. Maybe you’re afraid of him dying, and not having his adoration to rest on, so your having all these sexual urges, wanting validation and worth from others. Is it just sex your husband cannot give you that you need from him, or what do think you really down deep need?

Janet: I need him to worry about something and stop acting like there’s nothing to worry about. I wish he would just tell me to leave and find someone my age, or at least be concerned about what I’m supposed to do when he’s gone. That sounds really selfish. I just feel like I’m already going to be without a husband sooner that most, and he’s not making the most of things now. I want us to be pursuing life and not throwing in the towel and acting like senior fucking citizens. No offense to them, but I’m not ready.

Duncan: Amazing what sexual fantasies can tell us.

Janet: Maybe some sexual fantasies are just sexual fantasies.

Duncan: Like what, name one?

Janet: Sex with two strangers. Men.

Duncan: Insecurity about aging and your body. You want them to be strangers, which means they’ll know nothing about you, so it must be only your looks and body that alone are attracting them. And, you are so attractive that you can capture the attention of not just one but two men.

Janet: That’s pretty good.

Duncan: I’m not going to “rape” you. I might tell you to get on the floor, but you need to make whatever choice you need to, and you should probably stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. Perhaps.

Janet: Rape me, please! kidding

Duncan: I can jack off for you, but that probably won’t help.

Janet: Maybe not, but sure ass hell couldn’t make it things worse. LOL

Duncan: Sorry, It must be really frustrating getting no sex from your husband, but loving him too much to cheat on him and get what you need.

Janet: Yup, sure is. You weren’t serious about the masturbating for me thing right?

Duncan: Of course I was. Why, you want me too?

Janet: Would I be a total freak if I said yes?

Duncan: No, if you want me to I’d love to do it! You want me to do it right now?

Janet: I’m so bad, okay, if you want to.

Duncan: Okay I shall. Will you take your shirt and bra off so I can see your breasts while I do this? That’s all I ask – you won’t have to do anything else.

Janet: Okay, I suppose that’s fair.

(Janet removes her shirt and bra and now only has her panties on. I move my chair to the side so the table isn’t blocking her view, and tell her to turn her chair to face mine. Now we are both sitting and facing each other and I am letting a little suspense build before I take my pajamas off and get started)

Janet: You’re really going to do this aren’t you? OMG

Duncan: Yes, going to do it right now. Watch, I’m going to take my PJs off now.

(When she turns back to look at me, I slip my pajamas off and take off my shirt. I’m now naked. I’d already gotten a little bit hard before I undressed – so my dick is looking big and semi-engorged when Janet first sees it.)

Janet: OMG! This is really hot Duncan. Your cock, wow!

Duncan: Does it turn you on?

Janet: Hell yes!

(I star stroking myself lightly, slowly – I want to last so she can watch a while. I’m so turned on that I’m squeezing to keep from cumming. Just seeing Janet’s tits, and seeing her look at me makes me want to cum. After a few minutes of touching my self (completely hard now) I pause and chat Janet for a sec)

Duncan: You okay? You want me to stop, or should I continue.

Janet: I’m fine! Please continue, only if you want to.

Duncan: I want want to – I want you to watch me cum – you want to see that?

Janet: Oh yes. OMG

(Janet touches her self while she watches me, but doesn’t orgasm I don’t think. I hold out for about five more minutes and them cum for her, shoot all over my self.

Duncan: Hopefully this will give you something to think about next time you masturbate.

Janet: Definitely! That was really Hot. Really really hot.

(My dick will not calm down at all. I put my pajamas back on,figuring it will be easier to stop being hard if Janet isn’t looking at it. Janet puts her clothes back on when she sees me getting dressed.)


Update: Janet messages me Around 11:00 pm

I just spent the last hour thinking about you – had five orgasms. Thank you for earlier, Goodnight.


14 thoughts on “Janet Came Over Again – We Were Bad – Not All The Way Bad

  1. That is really hot… i liked ur analysis of her fantasies, which are a big reflection of how people are and how they view themselves.
    Other than that… did u want to touch her, or just masturbating for was enough for u?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure… the feeling of pleasing or turning on someone through pleasing urself makes u in control. Specially if u know that what u’re doing will make her masturbate on that thought.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. true in a way. but also makes me feel vulnerable and embarrassed for lack of a better word, and that feelings turns me on. i may have some control but that isn’t the aspect that excites me. i guess turning someone on is a form of control, so actually I think you’re right – perhaps control is the underlying desire, but haven’t interpreted it in that way, I hesitate to say out of fear of sounding narcissistic, but it feels good arousing another, no doubt. it must be amazing to be a woman – where arousing guys happens all the time, your whole life – whether you want to or not perhaps

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I see your point, but in would have to say that control, whether having it or letting go of it, is a big part of sexual dynamics.
            And I agree about women, however women have to be sexually confident and feel empowered to be able to enjoy that. Unfortunately for most women, it makes them feel like a target.

            Liked by 1 person

        1. For sure I will ask her to. I’m not sure she’ll want to, I think she feels less unfaithful seeing me that having me see her. She did touch her self a little, over her panties, so maybe. Maybe subconsciously I don’t want to give her control, LOL.. In all seriousness, we’d probably have sex if she did loosen up, and she would feel bad and guilty in the end, and so would I. Perhaps should feel guilty already, but I don’t.

          Liked by 1 person

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