If you have something I missed please share in the comments – and if you wish to opine or elaborate on one or any of these points on our own blog, that would be awesome – please feel free to do so.

  1. Your nipples showing through an otherwise modest outfit — you wore a bra and by all indications dressed appropriately to avoid such things, but your nipples are not cooperating.

  2. The sliver of space down the back of your pants, revealed when you innocently bend down or reach for something — we see the top of your panties – maybe even a whale tail.

  3. When you casually grab our upper arm or bicep while telling us something you’re excited about.

  4. The one point during every, otherwise innocent and proper first dance, when you come in just close enough to “unwittingly” press against our crotch.

  5. When you scratch your nails on us — hard or delicately, once or many time, on our back or anywhere on our body.

  6. When you wear a skirt that is so short, that we cannot imagine how you could possibly sit down or stand up, without exposing your crotch — but miraculously you manage to reveal nothing.

  7. When you make a joke about our prowess, that is really a question because you’re with your partner and we’re with ours — you can’t just ask what kind of junk we’re packing.

  8. Every pair of panties you wear, that we end up seeing — you may have given them no thought, but to us they’ll have meaning

  9. An extra dose of perfume, even if you’re just walking by and we don’t know you — if it smells good we’ll be stopped in our tracks and turn around to see who just passed.

  10. When your toenails have cute polish – or your ankles have a bracelet.

  11. When your tan lines describe the cut of your bathing suit.

  12. When you undo your bathing suit top while sun bathing, and manage to tie it back up — almost, but never actually revealing anything.

  13. The pre-pass over our crotch the first time we make out — before the time you actually feel us out.

  14. The dates when you are clearly trying to drink a lot — so we know you want some action later on.

  15. When Your hand is on our leg and gradually moves farther up,  while we’re at the movies or somewhere sitting next to each other — there’s a point at which you have not yet reached our crotch, but it becomes clear that you’re going to get there.

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