We did an earlier interview a while ago – here are the links: Bank Loan Officer – Janet – Sexless marriage – generous husband – bohemian horny woman

The sequester is over, my bank is back in operation, so I went in to do some banking – work out buying a new car.

I was looking as much forward to possibly seeing Janet as I was to getting a new car.

We texted the day after her last interview and have not talked since, so I wasn’t sure how it would be – to run into her.

Janet was there in her same office, and I pulled out of my ass a few possible, but unnecessary loan inquiries to discuss with her.

Duncan: So great to see you again, glad you were back working, haven’t talked to you in – seems like a long time.

Janet: I know, it has been. Funny, I was thinking of you just the other day, then here you show up at the bank.

Duncan: What were you thinking? “Is he alive?” “What possessed me to do that interview?”

Janet: No, as a matter of fact I did some catching up on your blog and reread our interview.

Duncan: Cool, what inspired you to do that? Any thoughts on it?

Janet: A lot of thoughts. The lost interview one?

Duncan: The Lost Emily Interview?

Janet: Yes, that one. Darn!

Duncan: What? Too much?

Janet: Oh it is good. I guess my interview wasn’t very exciting compared to ones like that.

Duncan: Only a couple have been that wild. There has been a lot of interest and positive feedback about your interview – that’s why I kept it up – have removed most. People seem to relate to it – I loved it, one of the best for sure.

Janet: Well that’s very kind.

Duncan: The truth, not being kind. Stuff doesn’t have to get crazy to be sexy or intriguing.

Janet: I totally agree. I was thinking that exact thing as I reread our interview the other day. There is something darn sexy about it. The Emily one though, what can I say.

Duncan: Good question, what can you say about it? Did it make you horny and want to masturbate like that other one you read? Before last time?

Janet: Good memory. It did not disappoint, that one and the story about your friend who you helped move?

Duncan: You liked that?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: Did you masturbate either while reading, of after reading those?

Janet: Yes. You are a brat!

Duncan: Why am I a brat?

Janet: Because you know just what to ask that I don’t want to answer, and you ask it.

Duncan: Or, maybe I know what to ask that you do want say, but you only can say if I ask it?

Janet: Doubtful. Possibly that’s true, I don’t know.

Duncan: It is very cool that the blog arouses you.

Janet: Hmmm

Duncan: Or, some of the posts anyway.

Janet: I like how there is sexual topics mixed in with some other things too. Very unique blend.

Duncan: Okay, you don’t have to blow smoke up my ass, the wine is free and plentiful.

Janet: Thank goodness, this glass went down fast, didn’t it?

Duncan: Well I’m glad you like the Emily interview – I was hesitant to post.

Janet: The story about your friend, that was almost more. It is so cringe, my favorite.

Duncan: Cringe? Oh no!

Janet: Good cringe, I was right there thinking, “No, you’re not going to do that, don’t do it, yes you are, oh my god.”

Duncan: Good, I thought I was the only one who likes that “cringe” story.

Janet: It is very entertaining. Obviously you are well endowed shall we say.

Duncan: Not really, but it is interesting that you mention that.

Janet:  Okay, sorry, cut me off. Clearly your friend thought so.

Duncan: Do you like big cocks Janet? That turn you on?

Janet: Sure, the idea of them. I haven’t experienced them personally.

Duncan: You haven’t experienced any big cocks?

Janet: No, cant say I have.

Duncan: Do you watch porn?

Janet: No, I read some.

Duncan: How’s your manager? The big guy that you hate and want to fuck?

Janet: Still an asshole unfortunately.

Duncan: Have you had any thoughts or fantasies about him? or, about me? Or, how about any super personal and embarrassing thoughts or fantasies about anyone lately? Please describe.

Janet: All of the above.

Duncan: Well make blog history, tell us something nobody would expect you would ever fantasize about, and actually talk about?

Janet: When I was reading your blog last weekend, I fantasized about you. When I was driving here from work, I fantasized about you punishing me and ordering me to take off my clothes. During lunch I watched my boss leaning against the counter outside my office. He was talking to a teller and I thought about being in front of him, and him taking me forcefully.

Like that?

Duncan: Exactly like that? True fantasies? or are you humoring us? Do you have Anymore?

Janet: Yes true. I masturbated Saturday night, reading that friend story and thinking about you while my husband was in bed right next to me. I don’t think he even noticed until I had a orgasm and he wanted to know what I was looking at online. Pretty bad right, for a nice good wife that works at a bank?

Duncan: Not bad, good. Proves you’re human. Is that the naughtiest and most embarrassing you’ve got? (not that it’s not enough, just making sure).

Janet: Can’t think of what else. I have been crazed lately it feels like. So much that I actually told my husband Sunday morning, when he was asking about my episode the night before, that I was needing sex with or without him. He asked what I meant. I told him that he knew what I meant. He’d rather end the conversation there, than come right out and give me his “blessing.”

Duncan: Well hopefully menopause will come soon and kill your sex drive. In the mean time, what can I post on the blog that will turn you on?

Janet: Whatever you’ve been posting is good.

Duncan: Well thank you for opening up. Let’s do a lightning round – these will be hard questions, but easy because you don’t have to explain. Just answer truthfully and quickly.

Janet: Okay

Duncan: So, you’ve had a rape fantasy at least once?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Had a sexual thought about a relative at least once?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Color of the panties you are wearing?

Janet: Black, thong.

Duncan: Would you have anal sex?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Have you ever touched yourself – your clit while driving?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Has a guy ever texted you a dick pic while you’ve been married.

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Have you sent anyone a pic of your tits while married?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: To anyone you knew in real life?

Janet: One I knew in school, other one met on internet.

Duncan: Have you ever thought about a girl licking your pussy and gotten turned on by the thought?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Someone you know or someone unknown.

Janet: Someone I know.

Duncan: Is this interview arousing you at all?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Can I check

Janet: No

Duncan: So you’ll text me your tits too?

Janet: Only twice in my life, not a thing I do normally.

Duncan: Would you watch me have sex with a girl?

Janet: No, maybe.

Duncan: Have you ever watched people have sex, in person?

Janet: No

Duncan: Do you ever think about an ex boyfriend sexually?

Janet: yes, rarely

Duncan: Is this interview hard?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Do you hate it?

Janet: No, I like it.

Duncan: Were you hoping that we would kiss again this time?

Janet: Yes

Duncan: Does your husband know you are here?

Janet: No

Duncan: Have you ever made orgasm sounds or moans while alone, when nobody was around to hear?

Janet: Yes. Almost the only time I do so actually.

Duncan: Have they ever been really loud, or loud enough to make you a little embarrassed with yourself afterwords?

Janet: Once or twice.

Duncan: Have you ever been sick, or hung over, and sharted at work?

Janet: Oh my God, that isn’t a sex question.

Duncan: Okay, so we’ll mark you down as “refuse to answer” on that one?

Janet: No, not at work. In a circleK once on the way to work. Those panties met their end in the trash bin of that circleK bathroom. I can’t believe you asked that.

Duncan: I can’t believe you answered!

Janet: LOL, shut up!

Duncan: You are too brave, it’s hard to find a question you won’t answer.

Janet: Things are what they are, am what I am?

Duncan: I like this thong panty kick you are on.

Janet: Only for you Duncan.

Duncan: If I kiss you will you tell us your thoughts after?

Janet: Sure

(I go to Janet’s seat, lean over and kiss her. After a few minutes I move down and kiss on her neck for a few minutes while rubbing her crotch)

Duncan: Well?

Janet: That was nice.

Duncan: Good. That’s all of your thoughts on the matter?

Janet: You touched me.

Duncan: Yes

Janet: That was bad

Duncan: It was?

Janet: Very. I’m all flustury now.

Duncan: Flustury?

Janet: Flustered, whatever.

Duncan: Ohhhh, you mean turned on and aroused?

Janet: Shut up, you’re bad.

Duncan: You’re not turned on?

Janet: Yes, or no.

Duncan: Something steamy for readers. We can’t do more though, don’t want these interviews too just seem like hookups.

Janet: Sure, now you make them PG-13.

Duncan: Does that bother you? What would you rather happen?’

Janet: Nothing, it was a joke.

Duncan: Hard though, when someone is as likable and sexy.

Janet: Who, me?

Duncan: Totally.

Janet: That was sweet, thank you. You’re still bad.

Duncan: Am I really? Bad?

Janet: Yes, kind of. I like it though.

Duncan: I’m being good.

Janet: Why?

Duncan: Now I’m confused.

Janet: Join the club.

Duncan: Well, what else, when is the first time you had an orgasm? How did it happen?

Janet: It might have been climbing ropes during P.E. in grade school. That probably was not a real one. Probably in my bathtub, first full on orgasm, not a very spectacular story. How about you?

Duncan: Mine was no more spectacular, in my bed – some time early in morning – like 3am. I think I was on the way to a wet dream and woke up. I guess It didn’t dawn on me to stroke it, so I just sort of petted myself softly with a finger – for about an hour — and then in that bed, life took on a whole new meaning.

Janet: That profound?

Duncan: More so, I’m just not articulate enough to describe — it’s probably the most profound and unexpected aspect of life.  Other things we see coming or prepare for, few things end up being way more than we ever imagined, but that — it is such an unexpected miracle, that it fuels you with years hope about what wonderful things might be possible in life; little do you know, that’s the first and last surprise of such splendor.

Janet: Mine wasn’t nearly that good – I want what you had.

Duncan: Well fuck me some day, and you might.

Janet: Oh?

Duncan: Nah, God gave you women better looks, and gave us better orgasms. Sorry.

Janet: hmmm

Duncan: Don’t blame me, take it up with God. And, you have to have periods, that just sucks.

Janet: No kidding!

Duncan: Huge price to pay for beauty and procreating, no doubt.

Janet: I don’t want children, can I just have the earth shattering orgasms instead?

Duncan: Well, you all can have multiple ones at least, there’s that.

Janet: Apparently.

Duncan: You haven’t had multiple?

Janet: I’ve had two, I guess three once or twice, by myself.

Duncan: What’s the most you’ve had with a guy, at one time?

Janet: One.

Duncan: Never more?

Janet: Often less.

Duncan: Well, women can get sex more easily, we can cum more easily, I’d trade you if I could.

Janet: You got it, I’d make that trade.

Duncan: Well, do you want to wrap it up? Will you come back for another sometime?

Janet: Sure.

Duncan: Thank you.

Janet: You bet, thanks.


4 thoughts on “Janet the Banker – Welcome Back!

  1. I disagree about women not being able to have earth shattering orgasms.

    Also being able to get sex easily sounds like it would be great but in reality it is not. The grass always looks greener on the other side…

    Liked by 1 person

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