My attire during sequestration has been wide-ranging and sophisticated – one of three Ralph Lauren Flannel pajama bottoms, and one of four RL t-shirts – a few weeks ago I went ahead and skipped socks and shoes – too much of a bother to sit down and put the socks on. If  I have to leave the house, I have some some Adidas slip-ons by the front door.


I am curious what women are wearing during this time of lock down. Are you women as lazy with your outfits? I am getting so used to being comfortable, it is going to be hard to return to normal. And, the many years of adapting to the regiment of getting up early, showering & shaving, dressing presentably, has been undone in five or six weeks. I’m going to have to re-adjust to the basics – I’m not even sure I can, or want to.

I wonder if women are wearing normal, full outfits around the house, or wearing pajamas like I am. Do you women put on makeup everyday? Do you expunge,  cleanse, exfoliate, apply lotion, and all that stuff, or have you started to not bother with some of it?

I wonder, are you women who live alone, going ultra-casual like me, while you married women, or moms, putting forth more effort, to not look like you just got out of bed?

I hope for some comments, because I am very curious what women are doing during this time of Virus. My guess would be that women who live alone, are probably doing it similar to me – add some lotion maybe. Married women, or moms with children – they’re probably putting in a bit more effort.

Those are my predictions, let me know your systems, and what you’ve been wearing.

16 thoughts on “What Do Women Wear During COVID-19 Sequestration? I Do Flannel RL Pajamas

      1. I do pyjamas when I get home from work and want to relax. I haven’t quite brought myself to spend the whole day in them. I live with my husband and two children who are 17 and 20 so they would think it weird if their mum started schlepping around the house in pjs

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  1. Divorced, part time mom, essential care-giver, nudist. If I have the kids then I wear a dress or nighty that is comfy, but not confining. Try to dress up for my clients, depending on the days chores.

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  2. I get dressed once a week to go shopping. The rest of the time, I’m in pyjamas or casual, slobbing around clothes, even when I walk the dog. I haven’t done anything to my hair, other than wash it and put it in a bun since lockdown started and I never put makeup on anymore. I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. I kind of like it.

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