We can’t be together, shouldn’t get together.
But here we are in a lingering hug goodbye.
Was just to be a cordial “nice seeing you,”
some how neither of us have let go yet.

Our hands are now clasped together.
Now we both know we’re feeling the same.
We pull each other close, your breasts against me,
I’m on the edge of not being able to resist you.

Will we be able to let go now and end this hug?
Can you please let go and run away home?
Your mouth is too close to my neck, your breath,
Any farther you go, your eyes will bring home.

Okay, I’m going to break this off while I can.
Fuck, your breathing is way too close now,
drilling futility into my will to break free.
We’re already fucked, then you say “fuck me!”

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