But first some frivolous, yet relevant poetry.

Can serve you well,
give you power,
get me harder,
make you Richer.

Can give you class,
show through a dress,
be photographed,
frame your ass.

I posted a secret for the guys a while back, so here is one for the women.

There is one trick I can share with you girls, about how to choose what to wear underneath. It is the simplest trick, but will get you dick, or make you sexier if that’s all you’re after.

The opposite rule

This rule will work with other things too, but it’s especially effective with underwear.

The opposite rule is that you wear underwear opposite the style and tone of your outfit and the situation, or event you’re attending.

If you’re out at a club dressed like a slut, wear conservative and classy underwear. But, if you are at a formal gathering, where the sleaziest panties you can find.

If you want to drive men wild, be incongruent. Don’t bother wearing your nipple clamps to the punk concert, save them for your sister’s wedding, where you’re the maid of honor.

Before you tell me, I know I’m not a lady, and please take or leave whatever suggestions you want to. I know what works and what doesn’t.

Note: If you wear panties that resemble the pair featured below, you could own me & get me to  do most anything.


The right pair



2 thoughts on “The Right Pair

  1. I don’t own many, some sexy, some Grange for the bloody days… I totally agree with your approach when I wear them🤣 the fun for me is that going completely without underwear, and bra, is that it’s mutable. Church function? Sexy slutty under cloths, possibly seen in the restroom or sunlight, is that dangerous “I like to fuck!” Slut sign, while being naked is natural, God made me this way, ya gonna argue with God?
    Any form of clothing is just a facade, a tease, usually designed to draw attention, garner approval of some sort… What does preferring to go camando say about me?

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