My neighbor moved into the house next to me about a half of year ago. She’s cute, like a young Sally Fields. She must be a businesswoman or a lawyer or something, she always was dressed like that when I saw her coming or going, before this sequester.

She lives alone.  I assume she is divorced – I can’t imagine she’s never been married, as attractive as she is, but who knows. She rarely has visitors. My dining room and living room windows line up with part of her house, in a way that makes it possible to see each other if our shades are open. I have floor to ceiling sliding doors, only my patio separates us, so she’s probably seen me a number of times walking around naked, or god knows what.

I don’t know that she’s seen me, but I’ve suspected and hoped she has. My shades are often open, hers are usually shut; but, often when I am walking around naked, her lights go off, seemingly too often to be random, and I wonder if she’s watching. Yes, It could be wishful thinking, but her lights often come back on again – indicating she hadn’t gone to bed or something.

I don’t have to wonder anymore if she’s ever seen me naked. The other day I took a shower shortly after sundown. It had been a couple days and I couldn’t bare with myself anymore.

After I  showered & toweled off, I headed out of my bedroom to my laundry room, to get my flannel pajamas from the dryer. As I walked passed my doors, (the shades were pulled fully open to one side), my neighbor was right there – right smack behind her open window. We made eye contact and there was no way either of us could pretend we didn’t notice the other. I was naked from head to toe, and for lack of a better idea, I smiled and waived to her.

The best part is that she waived back. She didn’t bother closing her shades, hiding her  eyes or running away – it was too late not to see me. I paused a second then continued to the laundry. When I returned past the same spot, her shades were still open, but she was gone.

I feel good by the friendly way she waived back. I can at least rest assured she wasn’t traumatized by the event. I wonder if she’s seen me before. Has she ever seen when I’ve been hard? or, when I’ve had someone over? The last person over was on my patio with me, and I kept asking my guest to be more quiet, sure that my neighbor could hear us.

What do you think, am I a neighbor from hell, or did my neighbor luck out moving next door to me?


One thought on “File Under Crazy Stuff That Happens When Everyone is Home During Sequestration – My Cute Neighbor

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