God and afterlife was the last illusion to go.

Life with no illusions is hell on earth.


The tooth-fairy and Easter Bunny,

Santa Claus, Lie

Lie, Lie, Lie


Grandparents and Puppy Dogs

Someone’s Mom, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone


Soul Mate and Celebrity,

Notoriety, No

Show, No-Show


Youth and Time,

Hope, Die

Die, Die, Die


If it is not a lie

If it ever Shows

It will Die

or it will go.


But there’s a God right? There’s that deep certainty that keeps you barely transcendent.

The first, deepest pillar of our confidence, thank god our religion was the real one.

We’ve got this gift of faith. It is why we are going to be okay while others may die.

Why our future will work out and nobody we love will ever become nothing.


Then your Grandparents and everyone you knew in their generation dies.

Your parents get ready to die and a few of your friends pass away.

Animals die and you learn that all the brain parts, the parts that make you, you,

and the memories stored in your brain of everything you do, die.


Those who were supposedly the ones who did not lie, your link to the sky,

have raped and molested little boys, did they confess? Hell no, they ran.

They, whom are supposed to be in the most know about God, rape boys.

And you’re supposed to believe they really believe in God? Heaven?


There is zero proof of an afterlife, and life after death defies all science and comprehension.

Memories are stored in the brain, this has been proven.

So, if  you’re in some afterlife and you have no memory of them, you, us,

then you have no self, no identity and no awareness of what it is that was.


There has not been one truly magical or miraculous thing that has ended up to be real,

not one. Anything and everything that you ever came across that seemed magical,

everything that seemed to defy earthly laws and made us believe miracles exist.

All you need is for one single thing in life to be magical and above the laws of nature.


If you could know just one single thing that did the impossible, heaven could be possible.

But there is not that one thing or any one thing. No miracles,  nothing is magical.

There’s not a single thing that has ever been found or passed down,

that has any power beyond us mortal humans walking around.


God and Heaven are the deepest, most important, illusions to go.

By the time it finally becomes impossible to believe in God and religion,

everything of lesser importance has already gone, never was.

There’s no more magic, nothing else,  no more surprises.


Life is a nightmare and a horror Show,

when there is no tricks left strong enough,

to convince your mind to believe in god,

make you believe anyone is going to heaven.

We all exist trying to deny one horrific, unbearable truth: there is no God, there is no afterlife, there is no meaning, shortly we will be nothing. How do we cope with the horror of this truth? We give hope to spirituality as a means through which to perpetuate the fundamental illusions. Spirituality is an existential sedative.

And I pray to God, that against all evidence, I am dead wrong.

Where is God

6 thoughts on “God – Death – Nothing

  1. Well! No miracles huh? What are you, a ham sandwich? How can anyone say that a human life is not a miracle? Does it matter who created us? Hell no. Because we just …are. Those who are too blind or full of hate cannot see the miracles before them every day. Why do bad things happen? People do bad things. Why does that mean there is no higher power?

    Santa, Easter bunny and tooth fairies weren’t intentional lies to cause harm. They are stories that cause wonder in a child’s eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. In that human life is pretty unlikely, if not miraculous, and could be looked at as being a miracle perhaps. But, human life is part of nature. I consider miracle to involve something supernatural. We know there is life, we are proof of that. But, is there anything after death, is there a God – these are supernatural things and require evidence of anything supernatural to believe there is anything supernatural.


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