I used to go camping every year with a group of friends. Here is the most interesting thing that ever happened on those trips. Our friend Janice got in a big fight with her boyfriend, who ended up leaving after she broke up with him. After he left, she got really drunk and went wild.

One evening during one of our camping trips, after we all had been drinking for most of the day, Jim and Cindy decided they were going to go skinny dipping in the ocean. The beach was a block away – on the other side of the highway.

Jim and Cindy were perhaps the wildest of the group; plus, they were the “out of towners,” so they only had to face everyone once a year. They didn’t have to worry about any of their day-to-day friends catching wind of their camping shenanigans. Without too much effort, Jim and Cindy managed to talk the rest of us into going skinny dipping with them.

The plan was to all meet at the beach in 20  minutes. Everyone showed up except for Janice and her boyfriend.  The skinny dipping was no big deal. We were covered by the heavy darkness, the moon was a fingernail clipping; the closest lights were at least a few hundred yards away, along the highway, and we would have seen as much skin if we’d all been wearing wet suits

I may have seen a bare hip or shoulder, maybe a butt crack. When we returned to the campsite, Janice was sitting teary eyed by the fire with a bottle of wine. We asked why she didn’t come swimming and wondered where her boyfriend Josh was. Janice and Josh had driven to the campsite in Josh’s ford explorer; which, apparently, Josh had just left for home in. Janice said it was over and he wasn’t coming back.

According to Janice, her boyfriend Josh was not fond of the skinny dipping idea.  Janice could not persuade Josh to join everybody, even by promising he wouldn’t have to disrobe or swim. She told Josh that she would prefer he come swim with her; but assured him, she’d understand if he preferred to keep watch over the campsite while she went.

Evidently, Josh became irrationally possessive and insisted that Janice not join the group either. Josh was already uneasy about the close friendship Janice had with many of us. We knew her much better than he did, and he was infuriated about the idea of her getting naked in front of us.

Whether Josh was there or not, I wouldn’t expect Janice to join the group skinny dipping; it was not like her to expose herself, mentally or physically. I think the only reason she insisted on going, despite her nature and Josh’s protesting, was to confront Josh’s possessiveness.

Janice had been growing resentful of Josh’s possessiveness and jealousy; he had persuaded her to forgo a number of events and decline a number of invitations to do stuff with her girlfriends. Janice had to answer a lot of questions and do a lot of reassuring, just to get Josh to be okay with the camping trip.

Dumping her boyfriend was just the beginning of Janice’s rebellion.

Janice was wound up after being confined for over a year – her behavior limited and muzzled by the demands of her boyfriend. She was so scared to be without a man, that she had allowed herself to be restrained by the requirements of Josh’s insecurity.  Janice hated to be single. She had a pattern of diving in deep, to soon, too fast.

With her hopes for Josh on there way back to LA, her sacrifices and subservience all for not, Janice was in revolt. She had to assert her freedom, and gave Josh a defiant sendoff.

Josh left not knowing if Janice had ended up going swimming; or, what rules she would end up breaking.  Now that he was gone, Janice would make sure he left no rules behind. She’d defy his rules, give him the finger, and shame his memory.

Janice got drunker than I’ve ever seen her. Actually, before that night, I’m not sure I’d ever seen her actually drunk drunk. But that night, upon our return from the beach, the crazy Janice show began.

Janice emptied several full cups of wine while she sat on her stump by the fire. She took swigs from the bottle of whisky being passed around, and continued to vent about Josh. My girlfriend and I had been back to camp for a half hour or so, sitting by the fire and listening to Janice.  By then everyone in the group had reassembled around the fire. Janice had caught up to the rest of us who had been drinking half the day – she looked to be gaining a lead on us even..

“Fuck him,“ Janice drunkenly blurted out, “He wouldn’t ‘allow me to be a slut’ and ‘get naked like a whore…’   “

Janice asked if we had all skinny dipped as planned. “So everyone went in?” she asked.

We responded and shook our heads yes. Janice gave notice that next time people go skinny dipping, she was going to go.

“Big fucking deal,“ Janice slurred, “So my friends see my tits, That makes me a whore? What the fuck…”

Janice continues to relive the fight with Josh and she seemed to be responding out loud to comments he had made.

“So you forbid me from letting anyone see me huh?”

Janice went on howling into the night, yelling out at Josh who was probably home by then,

“Well here you go, what do you think of this,  Mr. perfect?”

Janice then pulls her sweater off. By the time I realize she is removing her clothes she had  her hands behind her back unbuttoning her bra. Everyone was surprised. I see her bra come off and my jaw dropped. There was Janice, sitting back down on the stump not four feet to my right, exposing her tits to the group. I had been camping with Janice for several years and hadn’t as much as seen her cleavage; never even saw her in in a bathing suit.

Janice continued mocking Josh.

“Oops, guess my friends have seen my boobs now, eh Josh?” Janice said. “Oh? You don’t like that? Fuck you then!”

Janice reaches down and removes one of her Ugg boots, and then the other. Nobody is stopping her. Everyone either supports her rebellion against Josh’s control, or wants to finally see Janice’s tightly guarded, hot body. With her boots off, Janice stood back up, unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, and pulled them down. She sat back down and pulled one leg completely out and then the other.

Now she was sitting on her stump, in socks and panties, and I was thinking, “Please god, have her keep going and take the panties off.”

“There, fuck you Josh, how do you like that? My friends are getting a good look at me all naked.. nakeddd nakeddd,” Janice said.

And then, my hand to god, she stood up and stepped out of her panties.

Janice did a 360 with her hands waving up in the air, in celebration, making sure we saw every angle. We all laughed but tried not to look like we were enjoying her too much. We didn’t want to take advantage of our friend Janice, while she was in such an intoxicated and emotionally vulnerable state. But we all knew she was doing something she’d never be doing sober.

Did she know what she was doing? Was she too drunk? Blacked out? Would she remember this, and would she be mad that we had let her go this far? We were all drunk and trying to be supportive. I was amazed to see Janice naked next to me. She stood there in only her socks, and leaned back and took another shot of whiskey.

With my girlfriend on my left, and Janice on my right. I looked up and down, from her blond hair, down to her puffy nipples to her surprisingly dark, hairy bush. Janice’s body did not disappoint.

I think she wanted to get back at Josh and be able to blame her behavior on alcohol. We teased her in a friendly way and made jokes about it the rest of the trip. And, every trip thereafter.  The joke became, when anyone gets in a huff or is drinking a lot, we’ll ask them things like, “You’re gonna Janice, aren’t you?” or, “someone’s bout’ to Janice,” or “watch out, I might Janice you.”

You’ll notice Janice blushing whenever that happens.

The next year Janice decided to break up with her new boyfriend before the camping trip. Probably just as well, would be a tricky slice of camping history for her to explain to a new boyfriend.

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