Because I am feeling generous – I am going to share a secret with you guys out there, that will make your dates, or women you meet, attracted to you. I said attracted to you, not just agree to sleep with you – that’s creepy. This secret is purely biological and does not require any gaming or manipulation: I’d highly recommend against that shit regardless, unless you’re comfortable being a douche bag.

I am not some great pickup king & probably haven’t figured out women any better than you have. I am trying to get this blog off the ground; so, I’m giving you the one secret I know, in hopes some of you will become readers – if not throw the blog a link or mention.

Here it is, and it’s going to sound like bullshit, but it’s for real. I ran across some obscure article about a study some university was doing; it had to do with olfactory related mechanisms that bio-chemically influence arousal.  Or, it may have been attraction. Is there a difference? Don’t know, doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately this only works male to female, or probably female to female, not sure. But I do know that it only works on women, for reasons you can go talk to a biologist about, I am not one. (Yes, men and women are biologically different, but that’s not an argument nor issue I wish to engage in) Anyway, if I find a secret that works for you women, I won’t hesitate to share it with you.

I will not be detailing the biochemical process behind this nor providing any links to  articles. Even if I remembered all the details, I wouldn’t bother explaining it. I don’t need to convince anybody – makes no difference to me whether people believe it or not, or try it or not, I’m not selling anything.  I’ve tried it many times and have found it very effective. For a long time I didn’t even share this with friends, didn’t want the competition knowing.

Okay, here you go.


There you go, that will do more for you than any pickup book you could buy.

Eat a bunch of celery before your date, or before going to a club or bar, and the chemicals from the celery will be emitted out of your nose or mouth, and be picked up by receptors in women’s noses. By some complex bio-chemical  process that I couldn’t describe, it attracts women to you.

That’s it!

And to the few, if any, guys who read this and actually try it, you’re welcome.



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