This is the rest of my interview with Janet. The first part can be read here: First part of interview – read this first

Duncan: So, other than the sex issue, how are things with your husband? What happened that you two stopped having sex? Do you discuss or fight about it? Do you still love him?

Janet: Yes, I love him. We hardly ever fight or even argue believe it or not. Neither of us like confrontation. With the sex, there wasn’t anything that happened really. Our sex drives were never really in sink, sex was never as important for him. Again, some of that is probably due to our age difference. Many years ago he started experiencing performance issues. Before we gave it up altogether, it had become a struggle to even make it happen. The ED pretty much finished off his already lack luster enthusiasm for sex. This answer getting to long?

Duncan: Not at all. Please continue, we’re listening.

Janet: Anyway, sex was causing him a lot of performance anxiety, and I was having a lot of anxiety too, mainly worrying about his. I don’t think he particularly cared if we had sex or not, but He was trying. Essentially, it just got to be not worth the stress, – worrying if he’d get it up, worrying how he’d feel if he didn’t. I got to where I dreaded it – I’m sure he did too. So, at some point years ago, without any discussion about it, we just stopped. To this day, aside from occasional remarks I’ll make in reference to my sexual deprivation, we have yet to even have a real conversation about it, let alone an argument. We both opted for the avoidance route.

Duncan: Well thank you for sharing that. It doesn’t make you angry with him at all? I mean, he may not mind being sexless, but you seem to be missing it?

Janet: For the most part he can’t help it. I agreed to marry him, so I can’t be angry at him for being older. The impotence was involuntary, so what can I be angry about? Although, if he had really wanted to, I think he could have done something about the ED with the right medical treatment. I am not angry, but I suppose I have some resentment. I feel like he accepted getting old to easy, didn’t resist it at all. Obviously there’s nothing he could have done about his age, but I wish he would have tried harder to keep himself young. I do all kinds of things to hold on to my youthfulness and resist the aging process. In a way I admire him for being so comfortable with himself, with his age, but, he could have tried harder to get treatment for the ED, could have exercises a little more, or done something to look like he was trying.

Duncan: In other words, you are angry with him, and for good reason it sounds like.

Janet: I have a touch of resentment, not anger.

Duncan: What kind of things do you do to “hold on to your youthfulness?” It appears to be working well.

Janet: I exercise most every day, lots of hours at the gym, and other things.

Duncan: So your husband doesn’t exercise, is he out of shape?

Janet: Yes. When I married him he was in pretty good shape. OKAY, rant done, I’m through bagging on my husband. He’s a really good guy all in all, and I do love him.

Duncan: Okay. We’ll leave him be.

Janet: May I use your bathroom?

Duncan: Of course, go ahead.

(When Janet gets up and walks off to the bathroom. I see her ass in that thong and remember she has no pants on. I go use the bathroom in my bathroom. I return to the dining room before Janet does)

Janet: I killed that bottle didn’t I?

Duncan: I’ve got another if you want more, I just want you able to drive safe.

Janet: If you open it I’ll have another glass. Otherwise, I’m good.

Duncan: I’ll open , please feel free to stick around as long as you need before driving.

Janet: Totally! Last glass for me!

Duncan: Are you tipsy? Drunk?

Janet: Tipsy yes. Drunk no.

(I go open another bottle while, evidently, Janet is checking out my butt)

Janet: Has anyone told you that have a nice butt Duncan? You do, just saying.

Duncan: You like my butt? Funny you should say that – I was just thinking, when you got up to go to the bathroom, about what a great ass YOU have . A girlfriend I had in college said she dated me because of my butt, or because I had an “Uppy butt” as she called it. Otherwise, been a good while since someone complimented me on on it, thank you.

Janet: Not surprised. I mean, I’m surprised people haven’t mentioned it more.

Duncan: Well thank you, that’s embarrassing.

Janet: Why? It’s a compliment.

Duncan: I know, thank you.

Janet: Now I feel embarrassed, sorry if that was inappropriate of me.

Duncan: It was not inappropriate. I asked you to take your pants off, much less appropriate. Glad I did though, because YOU have the great ass!

Janet: Thanks, not bad for almost 50?

Duncan: Amazing for 30!

Janet: Thanks. You too!.

Duncan: Thanks.

Janet: From what I was reading last night, sounds like a cute butt isn’t the only thing you’ve got going on.

Duncan: You were reading this blog last night?

Janet: A few of your other interviews, yes.

Duncan: What did you think?

Janet: I was a bit surprised. One interview especially, I’ve got questions, won’t ask,

Duncan: Uho, you do?

Janet: Many. I thoroughly enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong.

Duncan: Well that’s good to hear, was sounding like you might have been put off by it.

Janet: No, not put off at all, was just more than I expected. Did you really…. never mind I won’t ask. Honestly, I liked what I read.

Duncan: Never mind? That’s off limits here, this is your sex interview, you can’t “never mind” me! Not allowed.

Janet: Okay, fine. Have you heard from that woman you pleasured yourself with? The wife who wouldn’t touch you?

Duncan: Oh Christ, that’s the interview you read? No wonder you were surprised. Yes, that was Jill. She texted me = I haven’t seen her.

Janet: That was the last one I read, had to finish myself off after reading that. Okay, I just said that, no more wine for me!

Duncan: You read that interview and got turned on? Then masturbated?

Janet: I don’t know what you are talking about. I plead the fifth! Wasn’t even there! LOL

Duncan: Wow, the interview inspired you to get off, that’s awesome!

Janet: You have no proof of this! LOL

Duncan: What about that interview intrigued you most? aroused you?

Janet: That she couldn’t, or wouldn’t touch you, but one could tell how bad she wanted to. It was so bad and so not bad at the same time. She was so bad and not at the same time. It all was very fascinating actually.

Duncan: Good to hear.

Janet: She, uh, had some colorful things to say about your private parts.

Duncan: No idea what you’re talking about, I wasn’t there.

Janet: She was very impressed with your balls. I get that dicks vary in size, but balls? They’ve all seemed about the same to me. Not that I’ve seen tons of them, but more than a few.  It got me wondering, perhaps I’ve never come across a pair of big balls? Or, maybe I’ve only seen big ones?

Duncan: I haven’t seen all that many balls myself. but I don’t think they vary that much,  I think she was saying some of that to amuse me.

Janet: Oh darn, She wasn’t serious? You aren’t hung like a horse? Bummer, there goes my fantasy.

Duncan: What?

Janet: I’m kidding, and kind of drunk, forgive me. I’d have given in and touched – she had incredible will power.

Duncan: Yes she did.

Janet: So she texted you? What she say? Did she ever tell her husband?

Duncan: She’s going to be back in town next month, we might do a second interview. I’m not sure what she told husband, I’ll ask her if the second interview happens.

Janet: I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, can’t imagine what might happen next time.

Duncan: I’ll be sure to let you know if it happens.

Duncan: Has anyone seen you naked other than your husband since you got married? Has anyone seen you in you without pants like this?

Janet: Nope. Well, I’ve shared a few selfies, nobody in person.

Duncan: How does it feel to have your pants off around another man like this.?

Janet: Feels kind of cool actually.

Duncan: Good. You’re very sexy.

Janet: Flattered. Same back to you.

Duncan: Why do you think you have fantasies of being dominated?

Janet: Probably has something to do with childhood or my father? Or, perhaps it is just forbidden and erotic? Ii guess I don’t know..

Duncan: You made out with a guy while married? Tell me about that?

Janet: Well two actually. The first was many years ago, made out with some guy I met at a bar. The other guy is actually a friend of ours. He is also married. That one happened when my husband and I were in Vegas with him and his wife. All of us were at a casino, and he and I were both heading for the restrooms. I’m a little foggy on how, but we ended up in a secluded hallway, nobody else around, and we just started making out, don’t even know why.

Duncan: Are you attracted to him?

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: Well that’s probably why. Did you enjoy making out with him.

Janet: Yes.

Duncan: How far did it go exactly, don’t leave anything out, not going to judge.

Janet: Not that far unfortunately. We had a good kiss, with tongue, that’s really all.

Duncan: He didn’t feel your chest? You didn’t feel him out?

Janet: No, unfortunately.

Duncan: Do you masturbate often or not very often?

Janet: Pretty often. Been doing so more often lately. I think I’m facing the reality that marital sex is gone for good, and never coming back. I’ve been thinking about things differently and more open to things, like doing this interview.

Duncan: Do you mean you’ve been thinking about other men more? More open to doing something? Are you looking for someone to cheat with?

Janet: Yes and no. Yes, been thinking about other men more. I’m not looking for someone to cheat with, but as of fairly recently, have decided I am okay with that possibility. Mentally, I’ve been letting go of some of the restrictions that I have held to.

Duncan: Does that mean you’re not restricted from kissing me? LOL

Janet: Sure does, If wanted to that is.

Duncan: Ouch.

Janet: Sorry, that was mean. I’d totally kiss you, in heartbeat.

Duncan: Yea? Then do it, I’m right here.

Janet: Okay.

(Janet stands up out of her chair and walks over to where I am sitting. She leans down and kisses me. We kiss for a minute or two. There was some delicate use of tongue, I had my right hand on her hip and my left resting on her ass cheek)

Janet: That was really nice, I have goose bumps.

Duncan: Yes, is was very nice. I have a hardon.

Janet: Really?

Duncan: No, I’m teasing. Not that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t be….. never mind, I’m digging a hole. I like kissing you, I’ll leave it at that.

Janet: For a second there, I was really proud of my kissing power.

Duncan: Your kissing is pretty damn good considering you haven’t been getting a lot of practice, I think, right?

Janet: You have no idea how right your are. My husband and I don’t share kisses like that, and the last time I’ve kissed someone else was the friend two years ago. So, forgive my goose bumps and blushing, rare moment for me.

Duncan: Well I hope you feel okay about it? Do you feel guilty or weird now?

Janet: No, not at all. I feel good about it.

Duncan: Good! How about we wrap it up then, on this good note.

Janet: Okay.

Duncan: Thank you so much for doing this. If you ever want to do a second interview, I’m sure people would love it, I know I would.

Janet: Okay, sounds good. This was fun, thank you  Duncan.


7 thoughts on “Second part of Janet the Banker interview – Confessions – Love – Resentment – Kisses

    1. Really? That is so cool to hear, thank you so much for reading. Yes, the experience was interesting for me, very “good vibey,” nice person. Should I invite her back for another interview sometime, or do you think we covered all the interesting stuff already?


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