Angie is a former coworker. She’s in town for her cousin’s wedding. I stopped by her hotel to say hello – met her for a drink in the hotel bar. We’re doing this interview in her hotel room.
Duncan: Well this is crazy

Angie: Yes for sure

Duncan: Can you describe yourself or do you want me to?

Angie: You do it

Duncan: Angie is 33? 5′ 6″, divorced, and has beautiful brunette hair. Gorgeous smile, very cute, super intelligent.

Angie: Something like that

Duncan: You were married when I worked with you.

Angie: Yes I was

Duncan: And not now

Angie: Nope.

Duncan: Sorry it didn’t work out.

Angie: Sorry he fucked his paralegal.

Duncan: Yea, that’s not good.

Angie: Not at all.

Duncan: Sorry.

Angie: I’m over it. Do you know the girls in the office drooled over you? Confession, I did!

Duncan: No, come on

Angie: You must have known! Don’t be humble, you knew.

Duncan: Definitely not. Especially not you. Well I thought we were friends, then you got cold.

Angie: Oh, especially me!

Duncan: Really?

Angie: If you only knew! I got married, I couldn’t go there! How’s that for a start to your interview?

Duncan: So you wanted me, therefor you were cold and acted like you disliked me?

Angie: Exactly. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, you had plenty of attention. I had to keep away.

Duncan: What happened to your husband?

Angie: Divorced him. #looser. Why are you not married?

Duncan: nobody wants me.

Angie: Right. Player!

Duncan: Not a player. You wanted me while you were married?

Angie: Totally.

Duncan: And you acted like you didn’t?

Angie: Yes. BTW, Duncan kissed me in elevator coming up here – I think he left that out.

Duncan: Or did you kiss me? Hard to be sure.

Angie: I didn’t resist, I’ll give you that. Been a long time coming.

Duncan: Yes, 7 years or so. Never thought that would happen.

Angie: Me neither. Happy little “accident?”

Duncan: Yes, I didn’t see your lips there, ran into them accidentally, sorry.

Angie: I guess I shouldn’t have had them in your face?

Duncan: Yup, too close.

Angie: I asked for it. I liked it. Remember Tahoe?

Duncan: Yup. That’s when you you started hating me, figured you were mad at me.

Angie: No, wasn’t mad. That’s when I REALLY started liking you.

Duncan: That makes no sense.

Angie: Makes total sense. I had just gotten engaged like the week before that trip. had to distance.

Duncan: Readers have no idea what we are talking about.

Angie: You want to tell them or should I?

Duncan: You please?

Angie: We were on a work team building trip to Lake Tahoe. Our company rented out this lodge. Duncan and I, and some others stayed up late watching movies. We were all scattered about the room in pajamas, cozying up under blankets. Duncan and I were next to each other sharing a couch. Was innocent enough, until it wasn’t.

Duncan: Correct.

Angie: We got a bit close on the couch

Duncan: Yes

Angie: We held hands for a bit?

Duncan: Yup.

Angie: We got a bit touchy-feely.

Duncan: Yes we did.

Angie: You stroked my leg, my thigh.

Duncan: Yea, sorry, probably went too far – You hardly talked to me after that.

Angie: No, I went to far. What you didn’t know is that I had just gotten engaged a week before. I could have told you – I should have told you but I didn’t. I touched too if you remember, wasn’t just you. I feel bad now, for taking my guilt out on you. It was wrong, I’m sorry.

Duncan: It’s okay, I understand. I wouldn’t have done anything if I had known you were engaged.

Angie: I know, probably why I didn’t tell you – if I were to be completely honest with myself.

Duncan: So, that explains why you just got up and left.

Angie: Yes. You kept touching me closer to my crotch, teasing me. It was driving me wild. When you finally started touching ME THERE, I almost died, was so hot and bothered. I honestly thought I was going to have an orgasm. And, yes, I had just got engaged. I had to get out of there.

Duncan: Really, you were turned on?

Angie: Oh God, beyond.

Duncan: So you left because you were getting too turned on? You could have just moved my hand away or told me to stop.

Angie: It wasn’t you, it was me. When you started touching me, and I started touching you, I realized I had lost control. Didn’t think I could stop if I didn’t get away, so I got away.

Duncan: I see.

Angie: I’m sorry I never gave you an explanation, you deserved one. You did nothing wrong and I wasn’t mad at you, I was confused at myself. I always wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t left. After what happened with my husband, wish I would have stayed.

Duncan: It’s okay. Good to know this – that you weren’t mad and I didn’t do something wrong.

Angie: Far from mad. Should have jumped you that night. Again, I was probably going to have an orgasm if I didn’t get up.

Duncan: Really, you were that turned on?

Angie: Was right on the edge, craved you. I wanted you so bad! So, I made myself distant after that, I am sorry.

Duncan: I understand. That was a good night, It’s good to know how you felt.

Angie: I still think about that night. Not that all that much happened, but a lot happened.

Duncan: Yes.

Angie: I never told anyone at work, was always worried that you would.

Duncan: Of course not, never.

Angie: So, I got divorced anyway, all the worry and secrecy for not.

Duncan: You did what was right, not for not. I’m sorry it happened and caused you anxiety.

Angie: Oh I’m not sorry it did. I’m sorry I was engaged and had to stop, sorry I was cold to you after.

Duncan: No need to be, totally understand. Again, never knew how you felt, what you felt, etc. I knew I liked you, then that happened, whatever that was, then you got married and, that was that. Not even sure what happened even, I mean, I remember it, most of it I think?

Angie: I remember we started to hold hands. I remember you caressing me, the whole movie. I was rubbing your back. Then you touched me, I touched you, I was frozen. Again, on the edge.

Duncan: Yup, that’s what I remember. I didn’t know you were liking it so much, but… =P

Angie: I’ll be back, have to use bathroom.

(Angie grabs some stuff from suitcase & goes into bathroom. Returns wearing a night shirt.

Angie: I got comfortably. Where were we?

Duncan: Nice outfit. Are you wearing shorts?

Angie: No, I have underwear on?

Duncan: Can I sit next to you?

Angie: Sure?

(I walk from my chair and sit on the end of bed next to Angie)

Duncan: Hi there. Next to you again – just like Tahoe. Life is crazy.

Angie: Hi there. Yes, too crazy.

Duncan: Accept you’re wearing less now.

Angie: And you more. You were wearing cute flannel PJs, I have a group photo from that night.

Duncan: Would love to see that.

Angie: I’ll send it to you if I can find it.

Duncan: Thanks. And I had my hand on your lap, and touched your leg like this?

Angie: O…kay? Sort of like that, yes!

(Angie is sitting Indian style with night shirt wrapped around her knees, I touch her leg and playfully run my fingers up and down on her leg a bit)

Angie: Oh my, this is interesting.

Duncan: Good thing you weren’t wearing this outfit that night, would have been worse.

Angie: Or better, yes.

Duncan: I might have done something like this.

(I pull Angie’s night shirt off her left knee, the one nearest me, and touch my hand right on her skin, pushing her shirt a few inches up her leg)

Angie: Okay, now that is really interesting.

Duncan: Do you want me to stop?

Angie: Not really, no.

(I move my hand farther up under her thigh, 3/4 way up, scooting her shirt up to where it is barely covering her panties.)

Angie: Oh god.

Duncan: You okay?

Angie: Yes.

(I move my hand up and reach her panties, lightly touching her around where her clit might be)

Angie. OMG, Duncan.

Duncan: You want me to stop?

Angie: You know I don’t.

(Angie unfolds her legs. She puts one leg down, hanging off the end of bed, and her far leg up with foot on bed. I continue to caress her, I can feel that she is damp. She has the most innocent, plain, white panties on, very sexy)


Angie: Holy fuck. Would you like to accidentally kiss me again?

Duncan: Yes.

(we lean in for a kiss. I start touching her again. After a moment she reaches over to my crotch, grips hold of it. Something about her gripping me without rubbing or stroking, like she wants to keep it from running away, like she is claiming it. I stop kissing to reply to her on my phone. Angie keeps her hand on me.)



second half available upon reader interest.


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